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So Sad to Say Goodbye #StreamTeam


If you haven’t heard that the series finale of Parenthood is on tonight, then you must have stayed off of all social media for the last few months. All over America, people will be putting the kids down and then rushing to their couches to curl up with a box of tissues and their TV to see how it all ends. We know Julia and Joel will probably sail off to their happily ever after and hopefully Zeek will make it to the end of the episode in good health. Crosby and Adam will put their differences aside and be best buds again and Sarah will make it down the aisle.

If it sounds like I’m a bit invested in these characters, it’s because I am. I started watching Parenthood from the very first episode and immediately fell in love with how real it all was.  For once, the characters didn’t always have the exact. right. words. for every occasion and sometimes they even did the ugly cry right there on camera. As the parent of a then 5 year old, I loved how Parenthood showed the everyday messes of parenting: running late for carpool, the drama in playgroups and school volunteer groups, all of it.

Because we’ve known for a while that this was going to be the last season of Parenthood, I took some time to go back and revisit seasons 1 through 4 thanks to Netflix. (In case you didn’t know, you can stream the previous seasons of Parenthood right in your living room on your Smart TV, with a Roku, Xbox, or other enabled device or even on your phone or tablet with the Netflix app.)

You’d think having watched all along, that I’d have remembered all of the tearjerker moments from previous seasons, but I had forgotten quite a few. I’ve loved reliving ones like the time Max was bullied because of his Asperger’s on a field trip or the time Haddie was trying to study and Max took off to the museum on his own.  Or the first time (this seems to become a recurring theme) that Adam wants to sell the Luncheonette and Crosby talks him into keeping it. Or all of those funny moments like when Adam dresses all “hip-hop” to impress a client and then winds up entertaining that client while Crosby delivers Adam and Christina’s baby or all of the Braverman crew dancing around in the kitchen.

I could go on and on. But instead I am just going to recommend that you keep lots of tissues handy for tonight’s final episode. Then give yourself a few days to grieve (it kind of feels like losing a group of friends, doesn’t it?) and when you are ready, hop over to Netflix and take the roller coaster ride all over again.

(As a Netflix Stream Team member, I receive various perks such as the ability to watch Parenthood episodes on Netflix over and over and over. All opinions are my own and I do not hold Netflix responsible for the amount of time I have spent clutching my pillow and sobbing through the episodes mentioned above or the lack of sleep I have suffered from allowing one episode to bleed into the next during the wee hours of the morning.)

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