stopain migraine slide

Deal with Migraine Pain without Medication

Most people who know me just casually probably have no idea that I suffer from somewhat frequent migraines. Those who know me well have probably seen me at least once in the throes of a nasty bout with them. Usually that means lying down in a dark room with little light or sound, probably medication, and possibly even throwing up. It's not fun and it's so much more than just "a headache". I can't remember exactly when they started. I know that in college I was kind of famous for leaving my English lit papers to the last minute and typing away late through the night and into the early morning and still managing to pull an "A" on them. I even made the case that I worked best this way. I took an uneventful year off after graduating and then started graduate school. By then I must have had ... read more

Minions Movie

Join Me For the MINIONS Movie Premier in Waukesha

You know how sometimes a secondary character in a film or tv show will break out and become a huge hit all on their own? Think of Lavern and Shirley (originally on Happy Days) or Fraiser (from Cheers). We loved the movie Dispicable Me and thought the characters of the children and Gru were awesome. But those minions - they were adorable and mischevious and we could have watched a whole movie just of them! Well, we must not have been the only ones who felt that way because on July 10th, the MINIONS movie is hitting theaters and it looks hysterical! The MINIONS movie traces the history of the minions from the dawn of time when they were just single cell organisms to more evolved creatures looking for dispicable masters to serve. Through a series of unfortunate events, the minions can't ... read more


FitTea Review (a 14 day detox) #FitTea

As a blogger, I get pitched all kinds of things - some that I'd never even heard of until reading the pitch email. Lately it seems I get a lot of "detox" pitches. I know that detoxes are kind of the thing right now, but I just hadn't been able to bring myself to do one. Maybe it's because most of them sounded just plain awful - anything that requires me to consume cayenne pepper or drink nothing but green juice for a week is out of the question. When the opportunity to participate in a two week detox where all I had to do was add a cup of tea to my morning came along, I figured I could get on board with that pretty easily. FitTea is an all natural 14 day detox that states it promotes fat burning and weight loss, improves your immune system, and soothes your digestive system. (This ... read more

Free Things to Do in Milwaukee

Free Things to Do in Milwaukee

Free Things to do in Milwaukee: Bradford Beach -  If you enjoy being outside, this beach is the place to go when it's hot in Milwaukee. Pack a frisbee and a picnic lunch and make a day of it! Window shop at the Historic Third Ward, home of The Great Third Ward Fir ein 1982. Take the free shuttle and enjoy the sights of art galleries along the Riverwalk. Here you'll see a huge variety of restaurants, theaters, boutiques, and more - all in a historic warehouse setting. The Domes offer free admission for Milwaukee residents on Mondays from 9AM til 11:30AM. Children under 5 are always free. One of Milwaukee's most recognized landmarks, the Domes are definitely worth a visit! There are three domes, each are 140ft in diameter and 85ft tall, displaying hundreds of plants, flowers, and ... read more


Grab a GoPro HERO+ LCD for Dad #GoProatBestBuy

The reviewer (that's me!) has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. When I am looking for a great gift for the people in my life, I often take a look at what items I myself enjoy the most. Last Christmas, Jay got GoPro cameras for both Josh and myself. (It was a particularly thoughtful gift as I hadn't even asked for one!) Since then, Josh and I have had a blast learning all about the GoPro cameras and trying out all kinds of fun shots. In true GoPro form, they are launching a brand new GoPro camera just in time for Father's Day. The GoPro HERO+ LCD is the latest model of GoPro cameras and is available at your neighborhood Best Buy. The GoPro HERO+ has some awesome features including: ·         ... read more

depend title

Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs

What do comedy clubs, trampoline parks, and flower shops all have in common? If you suffer from bladder leakage, these are all places that could potentially cause an issue for you. And I'm willing to bet real money that more of my mom-friends know exactly what I mean than most people think. While society likes to try and pretend that bladder leakage is an issue mainly for older people, anyone who has had kids can probably attest to the fact that is a young mom issue too. (As a matter of fact, more people suffering from bladder leakage are under 50 than over 50! AND there are more 20-somethings with it than 80-somethings.) So what is a very active mom to do about this issue? First, stop being embarrassed!! You pushed a live human out of your body and survived - that's a huge ... read more

easy patriotic treats

Easy and Tasty Treats for Fourth of July #SweetworksPatriotic

One of the best parts of the Fourth of July is making all the fun red, white, and blue themed treats and foods to serve up at the annual picnic. I'm our family, we enjoy it so much we make patriotic treats straight through from Memorial day to Labor Day! The treats that are the most fun are the ones where the kids can pitch in and help. Since I especially love the mix of salty and sweet, I thought these adorable pretzel flags would be a great one to share as the Fourth of July gets closer. They are yummy and so easy to make. Since there is no melting or baking required, they are a perfect project for kids of any age. First grab a bag of your favorite pretzel squares. I foundsome wavy ones from Roundy's that actually look like a waving flag.  Simply spread some white frosting over the ... read more


Bugsy’s Box Review – Subscription Box for Dogs

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. (Where you pay a subscription fee and receive a box in the mail containing different items to try out.) You can get boxes that contain make-up, food, even socks! I have definitely fallen in love with the whole box thing myself and love my surprises in the mail when they arrive. In fact, I'm even adding an unboxing section to my YouTube channel. I recently had the opportunity to give a new subscription box for dogs a test drive. Bugsy's Box was nice enough to send Roofus a box to check out and he was instantly in love. What makes Bugsy's Box different than other subscription boxes for dogs? One word - customization! Before they shipped my box, Bugsy's Box asked some key questions about Roofus and I let them know that he tears through ... read more

Fireworks Parfait

Produce for Kids Supports Families Getting Healthy

We all know that adding more fruits and vegetables to our diets is a good thing, right? (That's where you nod and agree with me, by the way.) But as moms, sometimes it feels like the rest of the world is conspiring against us when it comes to encouraging healthy habits with our kids. That's why when I hear about brands who are willing to support us in our quest to get our kids to eat more veggies I jump at the chance to support them. That's why I'm thrilled to be partnering with the Produce for Kids campaign for this post! The Produce for Kids campaign is currently running through July and offers in store and online meal suggestions and solutions for families who are trying to revamp their eating habits and make them healthier. Stores make this even more fun by holding in store ... read more

brain chase cortes

Brain Chase Fits into Your Schedule #BrainChase

You know that I've talked before about how I used to see first hand how my students would slide a bit academically after three months off over the summer. As Josh gets into the grades where there is more academic content, this becomes a concern for us as well. While there are plenty of options to provide some learning experiences over the summer, not a lot of them really appeal to Josh. He would happily read in his room for a few hours a day but I'm worried about him keeping up with his math, writing and even critical thinking. So we will be taking part in the Brain Chase challenge starting in just a matter of days. Brain Chase offers an educational and (most importantly) FUN way to keep kids sharp over the summer. And I'm not the only one who is a huge Brain Chase fan - the New York ... read more

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state test prep title

Helping Students Prepare For and Succeed At State Testing

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carson-Dellosa. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. I'm going to be upfront here and admit that I am not a fan of standardized testing - neither as an educator or as a parent. As a teacher, it always pained me to see students stress out about the yearly tests they were given and not do well because the test asked questions in ways they might not be familiar with. As a ... read more

omaha steaks review

Omaha Steaks Review – #OmahaSteaksGifts

I've talked about how much I like going out to eat, but there are sometimes when I want to have a really nice meal at home. You know what I mean, a restaurant-quality meal without doing take out or going out. That means I would have to make it and, for me, that can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Omaha Steaks makes it super easy! As much as I like going out to eat, if the weather is bad I am going to want to stay put at home. Or if we have guests coming over, I will want to have something a ... read more

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Flat Iron Steak WFG

Support Steak as the Official National Food and Win a $50 Outback Steakhouse Giftcard

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healthy snacks

25 Healthy Snack Recipes

Snacking can be a real treat! Whether you are looking to tide yourself over until the next meal or just satisfy a craving, snacking can be a lifesaver.  The problem with snacking is you can really pack on the pounds and you absolutely don’t want that! This list of healthy snack recipes offers healthy alternatives […]

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Jane Fonda has Another Hit with Grace and Frankie #StreamTeam

Jane Fonda was always a favorite actress in my house growing up. Of course, my parents were familiar with her from her movies in the 60’s and for being the daughter of famed actor Henry Fonda. My first memory of her is seeing On Golden Pond in the 80’s. I loved that movie – the […]