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How to Turn Off Alerts on Your Phone

Sunday morning around 5 am the first AMBER Alert for phones went out and many people were startled awake by a really loud noise they had never heard before. While most people agree that a loud warning noise is appropriate for a weather event such as a flash flood or tornado, there has been much discussion about the merits of an AMBER Alert that wakes people from their beds where they are pretty unlikely to be of any assistance. I'm not offering an opinion one way or the other, however I … [Read More...]


#BuildanAdventure with Boy Scouts of America

When Josh was in first grade, he joined Cub Scouts as a tiger cub. Jay had been involved with scouts as a kid and has great memories of group outings and time spent at Jamboree and wanted Josh to have the chance to have some of the same experiences. I was in favor of anything that would take him away from Minecraft and all the other video games he loves! We also knew that a lot of his friends from Kindergarten were joining which was a nice bonus.  In fact, so many of the boys signed up, they had … [Read More...]

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That post baby issue no one ever talks about…

I was 26 when I started teaching full time and it was a running joke among my colleagues that I had a bladder "built for teaching".  That was their humorous way of pointing out  that I probably took the fewest bathroom breaks of all the teachers on the floor.  Frankly, it wasn't easy to take a bathroom break unless I wanted to hang out in the girl's room with my students. Luckily, I was a pro at holding it until my break at lunch. Fast forward to the last few months I was pregnant with Josh … [Read More...]

Now Playing!! #TheBoxtrolls

Do you dare to be square this weekend? That's right - The Boxtrolls finally opens today...YAY!! To celebrate the movie release, I have another cool behind the scenes look at The Boxtrolls. Have you seen it already? Heading out this weekend? Let me know what you think!! … [Read More...]


Join Walmart to Help Fight Hunger, Spark Change #Vote2FightHunger

What does hunger look like in your community? Probably not what you think.  If you think you will be able to tell who is dealing with hunger issues just by looking at them, you might be surprised. The people who are worried about where their next meal is going to come from look just like me and just like you. In fact, they might live in a house on your block. A few months ago, Josh and I had the opportunity to donate food to our local food bank and it was an eye opening experience for both of … [Read More...]


Kalahari Discount Code – Have a Fantastic Family Getaway

Some of the best vacations I remember from when I was a kid were the ones we took with family. Riding my bike on Cape Cod with my grandfather when it was sunny and playing Canasta with my grandmother when it rained, camping with my aunt, visiting my uncle on St. Croix, and getting to know distant relatives in Canada. I recently went searching for pictures of these adventures and couldn't find any (my parents probably have most of them), but the memories are still crystal clear and that's what … [Read More...]

The Sound of #TheBoxtrolls

Ever wonder how the actors in animated films create the unusual voices you hear in the films? This behind the scenes peek will have you as excited as we are to see The Boxtrolls when it opens TOMORROW!!! … [Read More...]

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Win a $500 Disney Gift Card

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a HUGE Disney fan!  After having visited Disney Land four times, this past spring I finally got the chance to check out Disneyworld. So magical. In between trips to the happiest place on Earth, I like to keep my Disneyside showing by visiting my local Disney Store.  It's a great place to pick up gifts, grab the latest Disney DVD, or just soak in the atmosphere. Just in case there are a few Disney fans out there (I know there are!!) I got together … [Read More...]

The Boxtrolls (A Sneak Peek) #TheBoxtrolls

The Boxtrolls hits theaters this Friday! We are super excited to see it and are thrilled to share this little sneak behind the scenes peek with you... Don't forget, you can grab your tickets at Fandango! … [Read More...]

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Just Between Friends Milwaukee Sale Starts this Weekend #JBFMilwaukee

  As much as none of us want to admit it, winter is just around the corner.  With colder temperatures and *gasp* snow comes a change in wardrobe. If your kid is anything like mine, there was a LOT of growing that went on this summer and last year's clothes are not going to fit again.  I used to go out and buy all new pants, shirts, winter coat and snow pants.  And then I would choke back a little cry when I saw how much all of that cost - and I only have ONE! I was soooo grateful … [Read More...]

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TOP 5 TIPS for Being Disaster Aware #NatlPrep

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is encouraging people to make a family emergency communication plan, which outlines how to contact or meet family members before, during and after a natural disaster. Before disaster strikes, it’s time to ask yourself: Do you know how your family members are going to get in touch with each other? Do you know where you are going to meet near the house and then farther away if necessary? Is your basic supply kit ready? Here are FIVE TOP TIPS … [Read More...]

ESSIO Essential Oil Shower Kit

The Shower As Therapy: ESSIO Essential Oil Kit (and giveaway)

I admit that I use my shower as therapy. A long, hot shower works for me when I have a nasty cold (or allergies this Fall) and am all stuffed up and congested. For me, that usually means I also have a headache.  I'm also known to take a long, hot shower to relax before bed or to "wash off" a bad day.  I figure it's cheaper than a therapist's appointment and I can stay in the comfort of my own home.  ESSIO must know me pretty well, because they sent me one of their essential oil shower kits to … [Read More...]

25 Easy Crock Pot Recipes

25 Easy Crock Pot Recipes

Crock pot recipes are a must have for any family on the go, and can even provide great options for busy college kids! They’re quick and easy, make a great heaping offood to last a few days if you love leftovers, and they’re so simple – anyone can do it! Take a look at this list of extremely simple tried and true easy crock pot recipes! 1. Crockpot Chickpea Chili [Vegetarian] 2. Crockpot Italian Vegetarian Bean Soup 3. Steak Carnita Meat 4. Classic Beef Stew 5. Pineapple … [Read More...]


Imagination Foundation & #TheBoxtrolls Cardboard Challenge

One of the unfortunate by-products of all of this mandatory school testing is that teachers have so much less time to cover anything that won't be on the state test. Where teachers used to have time to plan activities that fostered creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, they are not always able to cover these now. We try to create opportunities for Josh to learn about and experience these kinds of things so that his education will be as well rounded as possible. I love that the Imagination … [Read More...]

Easy and tasty pumpkin recipes.

Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Recipes You Can Make at Home

Fall is the season of pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING and that's just fine with me. Not only do I love pumpkin, but it's actually really good for you too.  Pumpkin is full of all kinds of healthy antioxidants. In addition to that, just one cup of cooked pumpkin contains more that 200% of your daily requirement of vitamin A. Add in the fiber, beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C and there's no reason not to love pumpkin!  Here are 25 easy to make pumpkin recipes so you can take part in all of the … [Read More...]