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Win a Trip to See Garth Brooks in Concert


A number of years ago, I traveled out to the Seattle area to visit some relatives. Lucky for me, they really wanted to see Garth Brooks in concert while I was there and took me along with them. Up to that point, I had never really listened to Garth Brooks other than “Friends in Low Places” which was a regular drinking song at the local Irish pub in Boston. Knowing that we would be seeing him on the trip, I rounded up some Garth CDs (because that’s how we listened to music back in the 90’s) and got myself familiar with all things Garth Brooks.

And I fell in love with Garth Brooks’ music!

That concert was AMAZING. First of all, Trisha Yearwood was the opening act and I had discovered her during my “let’s get familiar with Country music in preparation for this concert” research. I just love her powerful voice and she put on a great show. Having never even seen footage of Garth Brooks in concert, I imagined him perched on a stool, strumming his guitar and singing. Boy, was I wrong!! If you’ve never seen Garth in action, I don’t know how to accurately describe it but let’s just say the man does not stay in one spot for more than a few seconds. He was ALL OVER the stage, jumping up onto risers and diving off of amps. I was exhausted just watching him!


And you know how some artists are never quite as good live? You go see them and realize there must have been some heavy editing going on in the recording studio… Garth Brooks was even more amazing live than he is on his albums. I was completely won over and by the time I got home from my trip, I owned every Garth Brooks song that I hadn’t already purchased before I left.

Honestly, seeing Garth Brooks live is one of those things every fan needs to do.

Well, it turns out Garth has been busy working on a few other things when he’s not out wowing his fans with his amazing music and concerts. One of those is GhostTunes. GhostTunes is a new music store where artists can offer their music at a price they see fit. Brooks sees it as an alternative to iTunes which is pretty strict with requiring artists to do things a certain way. When you purchase music on GhostTunes, you have the option to download it so that you can play it on any device OR stream it directly from the site. Brooks is celebrating the release of his new album by also his entire back catalog and live sessions for just $29.99. (You better believe I grabbed that deal!!)

ghosttunes logo revised cmyk - gj

So, back to that whole thing about everyone needing to see Garth Brooks in concert at least once.

Garth’s newest single is called “Mom” and is a conversation where God is telling a little soul who is about to be born what a mom is. It is incredible touching on its own, and to those of us who are moms already, it is guaranteed to produce some tears. (What is it about being a mom that makes everything feel so emotional? It’s like that saying about walking around with your heart outside your body – everything just gets felt so much more.) Take a quick listen to this preview of the song.

AND, in celebration of the release of this amazing song, Garth Brooks and Momtrends have partnered up to send one lucky mom (and a guest) to see Garth Brooks live in concert. We are talking covered airfare and hotel!! You know how sometimes being a mom can feel like a bit of a thankless job? (Being on call 24/7, never getting a sick day, rarely getting a thank you…you know what I’m saying, right?) How cool would it be to get a big thank you like this!! Or you could even bring along your own mom as a thank you for all the times she took care of you.. You can enter here no matter who you intend to bring!

Connect with GhostTunes on -

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ghosttunes

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ghosttunes

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/ghosttunes

Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of GhostTunes or Momtrends

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