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Got relatives visiting for the holidays? Win them a free hotel stay!

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hampton hotelsWhen we first bought our house, we had visions of relatives and friends finally coming to visit and bunking at our place.  I spent all kinds of time decorating our guest room to feel homey and inviting.  My sister in law had given us a gorgeous blue and white wedding quilt that I used to drive the color scheme and I decked it out to the hilt.

Now, granted my parents did use the guest room a few times when them came to visit and seemed to appreciate my efforts,  But then they bought a house a mile and a half down the road and not only do they not need to crash at our house anymore, all the relatives who visit stay with them!

Our guest room sat empty and sad until one day I finally gave up and converted it into my office.  Now the room is fully converted – no more bed, only a desk, file cabinets, and a closet full of office supplies.  It’s great to have a place to conduct business that is all mine, but what do we do when suddenly someone decides to visit??

We point them toward the nearest Hampton Hotel!

Now, before you start calling me a bad hostess, let me add that I think most of our guests appreciate the chance to escape the ungodly-early antics that start just before 6am at our house every day.  First you have LJ who seems physically unable to sleep past 6 am, no matter how late he has gone to bed.  Add in an early rising dog who wakes up ready to play (and bark) at LJ, and it’s not always the best place to be trying to sleep in.

I’m pretty sure most guests would prefer the nice quiet morning that greets them at a nearby hotel!

hampton inn

So why Hampton? When I first graduated from college, I worked as an admissions recruiter for a year.  The college I worked for was in New Hampshire, but my recruiting territory was Connecticut and Long Island.  I would hit the road Sunday night or early on Monday morning and then spend the week on the road and head back home on Thursday or Friday and this went on for about six months out of the year.  That was a LOT of nights in hotels and I quickly learned which ones I wanted to spend time in and which ones I didn’t.  It didn’t take me long to develop a preference for Hampton Hotels and searching them out wherever I was staying.  I loved that they were always clean and inviting, that the staff was consistently helpful and friendly, and that there was just something about them that felt more like home.

Hampton Hotels has actually put a word to what I was feeling – Hamptonality.

The 5 Tenets of Hamptonality are:

·         Unexpected delight

·         Being anticipatory

·         Sharing a compliment

·         Providing a moment of humor

·         Showing empathy

 If you are looking to provide your holiday guests with a little Hamptonality yourself, entertaining expert Jenny Steffens Hobick has a few tips!

Tip 1: Be the best OFF-SITE host ever…

Let’s be honest. You love your friends and family, but cramming everyone into your house for days at a time can be stressful and add to your already lengthy holiday host to-do list! If you simply don’t have enough room to host all of your holiday guests or you just think everyone would be happier with their own, comfortable space, consider booking them at your local Hampton. With more than 1,900 locations, Hampton is the perfect place to stay no matter where your guests may be traveling from.

Tip 2: Surprise your guests with welcome treats

I always like to make sure my guests know how excited we are to have them for a visit by surprising them with a little treat when they arrive. One of my favorite ways to greet them is with something personalized with their name on it, like a decorated sugar cookie or a festive welcome sign. I love staying at Hampton Hotels because they take a similar approach. They often add a personal touch for a guest’s stay by offering a favorite local snack or fun local item when guests check in.

Tip 3: Be prepared with lots of snacks

We all get a little grouchy when we’re hungry – adults and kids alike!  Anticipate those moments by having snacks planned for afternoons and before dinner to keep everyone happy.  Be sure to include fresh options like fruit and crunchy veggies, along with filling cheeses and more decadent treats so you have something for everyone!

 Want to treat your guests to a night at a Hampton Hotel? One lucky Wisconsin Mommy reader will receive a “Be My Guest” card, which entitles the bearer to (1) free night stay at a Hampton location. (And there are 1,900 locations to choose from!)  Each location offers free, hot breakfast with fresh-baked waffles in addition to free high-speed internet access.



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Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Hampton Hotel via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hampton or Momtrends

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  1. My favorite place to visit is Disneyland. I just visited Wisconsin for the first time and would like to visit again when there are no tornadoes. :) thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  2. This has b been our all time favorite hotel ever since K and I hunkered down in one during an ice storm when L was hospitalized years ago! They made us feel so welcome and had all the things we needed for that unexpected stay. Even gave us a discounted hospital rate!

  3. Tracy Robertson says:

    My favorite place to visit is Las Vegas. I love all of the lights, great food and 24 hour livliness!

  4. Terri Lewis says:

    My favorite place to visit is California. We loved Redondo Beach!

  5. Hawaii! It was awesome.

  6. Love Mesa , Az .

  7. California is my happy place :)

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I love to visit family any where they are, but I particularly love visiting family in Galveston,TX,

  9. My favorite place to visit is California

  10. I like to visit South Carolina.

  11. Florida! I love the beaches and the sunshine!

  12. I love visiting …anywhere else! so many great things to see anywhere!

  13. I love visiting anyplace warm this time of year

  14. I love visiting my hometown in California!

  15. My favorite place to visit is Naples, FL. My wife and I went there on our honeymoon and never wanted to leave.

  16. My favorite place to visit is the Oregon Coast – we go every summer for family vacation!

  17. The outer banks

  18. My favorite place to visit is New Orleans!

  19. I love to visit my sons & families in different states.

  20. My favorite destination is generally anywhere with a beach! I’m also dying to go to New Orleans, though!

  21. apostle islands. so beautiful, even in the snow

  22. Nichole Norris says:

    My favorite place to visit is Long Branch, NJ. It’s so beautiful there!

  23. love Glacier National Park

  24. My favorite place to visist is anywhere warm…texAS, FLORIDA

  25. Stephanie Gossett says:

    We love to visit Clearwater, Fl. It is where my father is…and he can no longer travel. I would love to stay there :)

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  26. My favorite place to visit is NYC. so exciting

  27. Sonya Morris says:

    My favorite place to visit is the mountains in Jefferson, NC.

  28. Alina Hahn says:

    We like many places but Wisconsin Dells and Naples, FL seem to be places that we frequently visit. We just went to the Dells for Thanksgiving and have a Naples, FL trip planned in the near future. We are excited to take our son to Naples for the very first time (we have been there twice).

  29. The Outer Banks.

  30. Emily Acker says:

    I like to visit my brother in Milwaukee.

  31. Who won? :)

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