4 Things to Consider when Traveling with a Dog

Traveling with a Dog

4 Things to Consider when Traveling with a Dog

Are you planning a mid-summer trip? Have you thought about what you are going to do with your dog? Will you let him stay in a dog hotel or kennel or will your family pet be joining you on vacation? If you have plans to do some summer traveling with a dog, then you need to plan ahead. Here are 4 things to consider when traveling with a dog.

Check hotels.

Don’t assume that all hotels will accept a dog. There are some hotels who will gladly allow you to bring your pets, but not all hotels are pet friendly. There are some hotels that not only accept pets, but cater to them. You can do a search at Pets Welcome to find the best hotels for your family and pets.

Plan for extra stops.

If you are traveling on the interstates, there are rest areas located at regular intervals. Most of these rest areas will have designated areas where you can walk your dog and let him take care of his business. Just be kind to other travelers and respect the pet free zones. If you are stopping at other gas stations and restaurants, then of course pick up after your pet when he takes care of business.

Crate or Free?

If you are going to be traveling with a pet, you will need to decide where the dog will ride. Will you crate him while you travel, carry his own bed and blanket or let the dog roam in the vehicle. (Consider using a special dog seatbelt both for his safety and yours.) Whatever you decide, do a local test run to make sure your dog is agreeable to the arrangement. The worst thing you want is a dog that is going to whine the whole time you are traveling.

Carry Food and Water

People like to eat snacks when they travel. Pets are no different. There are some great collapsable bowls that will help your dog be able to say hydrated and fed while on a road trip.

Do you travel with your pet? Got any tips for making a successful road trip with your dog? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Maria Iemma says

    We traveled with our dog all the time. Making arrangements ahead of time and carrying her blanket and toys helped make the experience better for her.

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