The One Where I Get to Go To Sobelman’s #SargentoCheeseburger

I love my job, I really do. And some days I REALLY love my job!  One of those days was recently when I got to visit a Sobelman’s Restaurant and try their bacon double cheeseburger topped with Sargento cheese.  This is the burger entered in the America’s Ultimate Cheeseburger competition. Tough assignment, right?

Lucky for me, I had recently nabbed a GoGeddit deal for Sobelman’s at Marquette so I piled the family into the car and headed back to college. (It’s much quieter there during the summer!)

For those of you who might be outside the Milwaukee area, Sobelman’s is a local burger joint that was featured in the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars”.  While they might have come in second on the show, they have been voted to have Milwaukee’s best burgers in many other local contests.  While their fresh Angus beef burgers are amazing, the thing that seals the deal for me is the bun. Fresh baked just for Sobelman’s, the bun is like biting into a puffy cloud of doughy heaven. My mouth is watering as I type this….

Sobelman’s has three Milwaukee area locations: the original located on W. St. Paul Ave, the Marquette location which opened in 2011, and Sobelman’s Tallgrass featuring all grass fed beef on N. Farwell Ave.  No matter which you visit, you will be treated to a burger like no other!  Be sure to try their signature jalapeno ketchup – it really does pack a kick!

Now, until Sobelman’s starts supplying me with their super delicious buns, I will have to make due with the ones I usually get. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make my own mean cheeseburger!  I have a secret recipe that I have used since I moved here in 2000.  I don’t share it with many people, but I like you guys, so I will share it with you!

Wisconsin Mommy’s Kickin’ Cheeseburger 

1 lb ground beef (the better quality beef you get, the more flavor your burger will have – I personally use grass fed beef which does cook a bit faster)

1 1/2 tsp Rupena’s Secret Beef & Pork Seasoning (this is what makes all the difference in the flavor of the beef – it’s all natural and has no MSG)

Sargento sliced Pepper Jack cheese

That’s it – easy peasy!!  Just form into patties and grill until your desired doneness, load up with fresh lettuce and tomatoes from you local farmer’s market and enjoy.

In case you can’t get to Sobelman’s, they’ve been nice enough to share their recipe for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger with you as well:

Sobelman’s Recipe for “Bacon Double Cheeseburger”

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 1

• 1 slice of Sargento® Deli Style Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese
• 1 slice of Sargento® Deli Style Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese
• 1 slice of Sargento® Natural BlendsTM Deli Style Sliced Colby-Pepper Jack Cheese
• 1 slice of Sargento® Deli Style Sliced Aged Swiss Cheese
• 2 slices thick bacon
• 10 oz. certified angus ground beef
• 2 oz. Vidalia onion, diced
• ½ tsp. butter
• 1 fresh Country Butter Roll

• Shape beef into two patties. Season with salt and pepper as desired. Cook to desired doneness on grill.
• Meanwhile cook bacon and sauté onion in butter (approximately one to two minutes) on flat grill or sauté pan.
• Put pattie on the bottom half of the bun. Place Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Pepper Jack Cheese on pattie. Top with bacon and second pattie.
• Place Colby-Pepper Jack Cheese and Aged Swiss Cheese on top of the second pattie. Top with remaining bacon and onions and top of bun.

Be sure to submit your favorite cheeseburger recipe to Sargento’s America’s Ultimate Cheeseburger page on Facebook!

And if I’m lucky, you’ll like mine as much as LJ likes Sobelman’s!!

I received products and compensation from Sargento Foods Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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