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July is Gonna Be Like Christmas Around Here!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I adjust to my summer schedule.  (That’s code for “I have a six year old boy home all the time and I can’t get anything done!)  June was a bit light on the posting, but I aim to change all that in July.
And you’ll want to be hanging around here in July because….

It’s gonna feel more like December than July – and not just ’cause I’m turning my A/C on high.

I’ve got giveaways galore lined up – everything from an actual Christmas in July giveaway to tons of goodies I’ll be sending out from the Land’s End Annual Tent Sale and more…

Yes – that’s right!  The folks at Land’s End (who I continually rave about) invited me to attend their annual tent sale at their headquarters in Dodgeville, WI.  I’ll be meeting with designers and getting the scoop on how they come up with their fabulous products, shopping my little heart out, and even doing some interviews while I live blog the sale.  I’ll be at the sale July 25th through the 28th and then back for the children’s event (with LJ in tow, of course) on July 30th – find me and say hi of you’re local and can attend the sale!

But the Land’s End folks didn’t want to leave you all out of the fun as well.  They’ve given me a generous allowance to shop for all of you.  Be sure to stay tuned to find out how you can claim some of the spoils from my big tent sale adventure.

And check back often for all the fun giveaways coming up this month – yay July!!!

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A Headache…or Something More?

It seems that there has been a lot of focus on bleeding in the brain lately. Between Brett Michaels and Gary Coleman, this health issue has made headlines several times.

How does one know when a headache is just a headache, and when it is something more? Here is a great interview a high school classmate of mine (and also the executive producer of MSNBC’s Morning Joe) did to explain the symptoms he experienced when he also suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (brain bleed). His doctor joins the conversation to discuss causes and treatment.

Chris – you had many people praying for you and we are all thrilled that you have made a full recovery! Stay well, my friend.

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Protect Your Identity with a Shredder

identity theft shredder

Despite the frigid temperatures and never-melting-snow outside my window, that wonderful time of year is almost here.

No, not spring (I wish!!).

Tax time.

Every year, I gather up the ridiculous amount of paperwork I have saved for twelve months and sort through to see what I actually NEED to send to our accountant. Usually I am left with a giant pile of papers that were not really needed but still contain personal information that I do not want falling into the wrong hands.

So what to do?? Shred! No, not the Jillian Michaels workout, but with a paper shredder. I used to dread this since J has a habit of burning out the motor on every shredder we have ever owned. (I think it has something to do with shoving paper in ten sheets at a time.)

About a year and a half ago, I ran a giveaway for a Fellowes shredder and received one myself. I am happy to report that the shredder is still up and running smoothly despite all of J’s attempts to break it. I call a win for the shredder as J has not managed to even jam it – not even once. (I equate him to the gorilla in the Samsonite commercial who jumps on all of the luggage. He is the gorilla of shredders!)

Now I’ll bet you are thinking, “I’d like to get myself one of those gorilla J-proof shredders” aren’t you?

Great news – you can WIN one at Fellowes’ Facebook page. Just go to and click on the “contest” tab.

Hurry, the contest will be ending soon. And good luck!

This is MY kinda state!!