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Murder Mystery Dinner Provides Fun and Laughs in Milwaukee (review and giveaway)

murder mystery dinner milwaukeeA few weeks ago, Jay and I were invited to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner by the Murder Mystery Dinner Co. at Serb Hall in Milwaukee.  Neither of us had ever been to one and we were curious how it would work and if we would enjoy it.  We accepted two complimentary tickets and headed off to check it out with open minds.

When we arrived, we were escorted to a large round table that seated eight, kind of like at a wedding. We noticed some interesting items on the table – one was a sheet translating all of the terms we might hear during the show. I should mention that the theme of the evening was a high school prom held in the fifties.  We also found a lot of fake money in a variety of denominations.

Shortly, one of the cast members came by our table and the next thing we knew, Jay was a character in the performance.  Even better than that, he was a suspect!  His name was “Lemme Tinkle” and his role was the class clown (can we say typecasting???).  Jay was given a binder with some clues and also some added information that no one else was privy to.

murder mystery dinner milwaukee

The show began and before we knew it, sure enough – someone was murdered.  The victim turned out to be the class president and there seemed to be quite a few folks scattered around who might have been the murderer.  The audience was tasked with finding out who had committed the dastardly deed.  The audience could ask suspects questions and even pay money for additional information.  The cast stopped us occasionally and gave us added information to ponder when deciding who it might have been.

murder mystery dinner milwaukee

The evening was a LOT of fun!  We had some great tablemates which definitely added to the antics. The whole experience was much more interactive than I had thought it would be.  There was very little “acting” by the cast and more interacting with the audience which made it very engaging.

The food was okay – the Salisbury steak did remind me of high school so maybe that was intentional. But you don’t attend a show like this for the food, right?  Jay and I had a blast and would definitely attend another Murder Mystery Dinner Co. production!

Have I made you curious about Murder Mystery Dinners??  Thanks to the Murder Mystery Dinner Co., I am giving one lucky Wisconsin Mommy reader two tickets to a Murder Mystery Dinner!!

I received two tickets to check out the performance in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.