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Roofus is now a Rachael Ray Fan! Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food Review

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nutrish wisconsin doggyWhen Roofus first came to live with us almost two years ago, I did not know much about dogs at all.  I knew I liked them, but I really didn’t know much about training them or even feeding them.  I remembered hearing that you really shouldn’t feed them table food, so I guess at least I had that going for me.

Being the researcher that I am, I of course set out to learn all about our new furry family member and what he needed to be healthy.  We started off by just feeding him the same food he had been eating at the shelter. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the different kinds of food available. I knew there was wet and dry and that was about it.  Right away I noticed a big discrepancy between what was in the pet supply store and at the grocery store, at least price wise.

As I began to learn more about dog food, I learned that some formulations use grain as fillers.  There are quite a few people who don’t think that grain is a good thing to be feeding dogs (as it really isn’t part of their diet “in the wild”).  I know that Roofus has a very delicate digestive system and will throw up if he eats something that doesn’t agree with him.  When we noticed he was having some digestive issues, we looked into grain free food options.  Once we switched him over, things improved quickly.

Last summer, we were introduced to a new option for Roofus.  Rachael Ray worked with a team of pet nutrition experts to create Nutrish® Zero Grain™, a pet food made with simple, natural ingredients that doesn’t contain any grains, glutens or fillers.  We tried out the Turkey and Potato recipe and I will happy to see that first ingredient was turkey!


Even better, Roofus loved it.  To prevent any adverse effects, we eased him into it by mixing a small amount with his food and gradually increasing the amount.  The transition was seamless and Roofus really enjoys Nutrish!  One of the things I really love about Nutrish is that I can pick it up when I’m out grocery shopping. That’s right, no more special trips to the store – Nutrish is available at most grocery stores and even Walmart!

I’ll be reporting back again next month to share some more details about Nutrish and let you know how we are doing on it.

Learn more about Racael Ray’s Nutrish at  You can also connect on the official Nutrish Facebook page.

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