Christmas Present Ideas for Your Furry Friends at Walgreens #HappyAllTheWay #shop #CBias

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You probably already know that there are lots of great Christmas present ideas at Walgreens.  But I wonder if maybe you might have forgotten someone important while you were grabbing all of those awesome electronics and tasty treats…  What about your furry, four legged friends?  Does Walgreens have anything for them? Absolutely!

Last year was our first holiday season as dog owners.  We were concerned with how Roofus would interact with the Christmas tree.  Not having had a dog before, we wondered if he would try to eat the ornaments or mistake the tree for his favorite outside spot to relieve himself.  Luckily, he sniffed the tree a few times and moved on. His biggest issue was that the tree replaced his favorite sunbathing spot, but he quickly found a new one.  With all of our careful tree observation, we really didn’t think about including Roofus in the gift giving fun until LJ pointed out (on Christmas eve) that Roofus did not have a stocking.


No worries about that this year!  Roofus apparently grabbed the Sunday paper while we were all sleeping in.  After carefully looking through the flyers, he brought over the Walgreens Holiday Catalog for us to look at.

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Sure enough, there was a whole page of items Roofus seemed pretty partial to.  Not having opposable thumbs, he wasn’t able to circle his favorites, so I figured I’d go take a look at the store and see what might be something he’d like.

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I headed out to Walgreens and easily found the aisle with the pet gifts.  Not having shopped in the pet supply aisle before, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the products I had to choose from!  Since Roofus can actually be a bit picky, I loved that I could create a unique gift that I knew he would love.

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They had a bunch of doggy “beauty products”.  Since Roofus has sensitive skin, I grabbed some itch relief shampoo and spray.  No more winter itches for my fur baby!!  There were sooo many treats to choose from – dog biscuits and the soft treats he loves.  I liked that where the treats were made was easily found on the packages.

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It was really hard not to over do it – everything looked so tempting!  After selecting a unique pairing of bath items, treats, and toys, I put everything into a gift basket (because Roofus is ALL about presentation!).  I think he will be pleasantly surprised, don’t you?  The best part is that I saved so much money, I was able to get more products to create a second basket for the shelter where we adopted Roofus!!

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And because I am a total sucker, I pulled out one of the toys for Roofus to play with now.  Our dog trainer clued us into the fact that Roofus was needing a bit more challenge in his life – and having food puzzles is a great way to achieve that.  Roofus loved his new toy! (Thanks Walgreens!!)

walgreens pet products #shop

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