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Surviving Winter with Zarbees Immune Support

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

zarbees immune support

Here in Wisconsin, winter has decided to make an early appearance this year. We had our first snow (the kind that actually sticks to the ground) on Halloween, and it’s been downhill from there if you are someone who likes the warmer months. While there are a few things about winter I actually do like – the holiday season, sledding, drinking hot chocolate and…and…I’m having a little trouble coming up with many more.

There are lot of things I don’t like about winter. I hate driving in the snow and ice. I hate clearing the driveway (luckily Jay does it most of the time). I hate being cold all the time and I especially hate getting sick. Not to say that you can’t get sick during other times of the year, but it sure seems that it happens a lot more in the winter. Maybe it’s because everyone is inside all of the time, or because your body is busy trying to keep warm and can’t fight as well, who knows. Whatever the cause, the effect is the same – runny noses, fevers, and flu. YUCK!!

My first year of teaching, I caught every single bug that came through my classroom door: strep, flu, colds, even chicken pox! Then my immune system kicked into high gear and I spent the next few years relatively healthy. Once I left the classroom, I’m guessing my immune system ramped back down, which was fine until Josh started school and began bringing home all of those nasty bugs again.  I decided I needed to find some natural ways to support my immune system and help it get back in gear.

I learned about Elderberry a few years ago and began using it. I have to admit that I pretty much choked down the first few syrups I tried. I was NOT in love with the taste and really had a hard time getting Josh to even try them. I had kind of given up the hope that he would take it on a regular basis. Then I was introduced to Zarbee’s Elderberry Gummy Immune Support. We were already big Zarbee’s fans after falling in love with their cough syrup and seasonal relief products.

I loved that they were not only tolerable but actually yummy! Suddenly I wasn’t the only one “remembering” to take a supplement to help support my immune system. Of course, no gummy is going to take the place of eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, and washing hands, but it’s nice to feel like I have a little something extra in my fight against the winter yuckies.


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