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How to Opt Out of Google’s New Endorsement Ads

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google logoYou may have already heard that Google will be rolling out their new “Endorsement Ads” starting November 11th.  Basically, unless you opt out, Google has the right to use your image or photo, name, and any product reviews you have posted through Google+.  These will be able to be included in ads that Google then sells to businesses.  So let’s say you purchase an app for your Droid-based phone in the Google play store.  You friend then searches for apps to use on their phone and your face pops up in a sponsored result stating “Your friend Joe bought the such and such app” along with your smiling face.

Maybe that’s not such a big deal to you.  Maybe you have already resigned yourself to the fact that NOTHING you do online is really private anymore.  Fine.

But think about this. Google is making money with that endorsement, wait, YOUR endorsement.  Google is charging the seller of that such and such app for that ad that features you. And what do you get for the use of your image and information? Nothing.

If this bothers you, you can opt out of being included in these endorsement ads. (Interesting how the default is to be included, isn’t it?)

Here’s how to opt out of Google’s Endorsement Ads.

1) Go to the Google home page.

2) Click on the bell shaped button in the upper right hand corner also known as the “notifications” button.

google bell


3)  A drop down list of notifications should appear and one should be “New Terms of Service”

google terms of service notification











4) Click on the “TOS” notification and then click the blue button that says “Learn More”.

Google learn more button














5)  Next, a Terms of Service page will open which will explain all about the new update starting November 11th.  On this page, you will find the link to the Shared Endorsement Setting. Click it.


google shared endorsement setting


6) You will land on another page explaining the shared endorsement policies. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a box that will already be checked giving Google permission to use your picture, name, and information in their ads. YOU NEED TO UNCHECK THE BOX AND CLICK SAVE.

Google Opt out of shared endorsements


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I would’ve never known how to find it.

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