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Is your Milwaukee area dog misbehaving? Ally’s Canine Training will put an end to that!!

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Milwaukee area dog trainer Ally's Canine TrainingWhen we first brought Roofus home from the shelter, I immediately signed up for a dog training class at our local pet supply store. I had never owned a dog before and the class was as much for me as it was for Roofus.  We realized pretty quickly that Roofus was either the fastest learner on the planet, or he had come with the basic training already in place.  We left the class feeling more confident about how to provide a happy home for our pooch and relatively sure we had everything under control.

Once I started working more from my home office and needed to be on phone and video calls with clients, I discovered that perhaps I did not have things quite as under control as I thought.  I would be in the middle of a call, and Roofus would start barking at a leaf falling outside my window or the man across the street standing in his own garage.  This got very disruptive pretty quickly and proceeded to get worse when the summer months hit and we had the windows open.

Additionally, LJ has a few friends who are not dog people. As cute as Roofus is, he can be a bit intimidating when he is standing in front of a child, staring them down and barking urgently.  My personal feeling is that he is just trying really hard to say something, but I totally get that it can seem scary.

I finally decided we needed to do something about these behaviors, but didn’t have a clue where to start. I remembered the trainer we had worked with at the pet supply store and also remembered hearing that she had started her own business.  I emailed her and we set up a date for her to come over and assess the situation.  (I loved that she would be coming here, where the problem was happening!)

We’ve had only two sessions with Ally and already we are seeing a huge improvement.  It turns out that Roofus was a little bored watching me type on the computer all day (I can’t imagine why!!) and once I understood more about why dogs bark, it all made sense.  We made a few small tweaks to our daily routine and noticed an immediate improvement in Roofus’ behavior.

We also decided we wanted Roofus to go and sit in his crate when someone was at the front door.  I was pretty skeptical about whether we could pull this one off, but within days, we had him doing it perfectly.  I was amazed!!

Ally has a natural way with dogs.  I’ve seen her get results from the most stubborn of pooches as well as my own pretty friendly dog.  She is trained, but also possesses that ability to understand your dog that cannot be taught.  I also love that she uses positive reinforcement with the dogs. If you are in the Milwaukee area and are in need of help with your dog, no matter how minor or severe the issue is, I would highly recommend Ally’s Canine Training!  

You can connect with Ally by visiting her website, becoming a fan of her Facebook page, and requesting to join her private informational Facebook group, Talkin’ Dogs.

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