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LJ and the First Snow (and snow pants that will grow with him)

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We had our first snow of the season yesterday. After a few days that teased with flurries that fell but didn’t stick, we finally got that white blanket that (just barely) covered the trees, yard, and everything else.  LJ was chomping at the bit to build a snowman, even though Jay and I kept telling him there wasn’t going to be enough snow to build anything.

He was so excited to prove us wrong and quickly created a miniature snowman on the patio in no time.

This first snow gave us a chance to try out LJ’s new Squall Snow Pants that were sent to us by Lands’ End. I personally love that these pants come with a knee guarantee which means that he WON’T be wearing through the knees first this year! LJ seems to spend a lot of tme on the ground, walking on his knees and sitting on the snow. The PolarThin insulation means he will be warm without a lot of extra bulk and the double layered knees and seat mean he won’t be wearing through the pants anytime soon.

The Squall line comes in bib or pant style and has matching parkas as well.  They are available in sizes 2T through 20, so kids of all ages can find one that fits!

 I also love that these Squall pants have the unique Grow-A-Long feature. (This is one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE Lands’ End Squall products!!) If your kid is anything like mine, they are growing like a weed and pants become highwaters in no time.  The Grow-A-Long feature allows for this by hiding a well-disguised hem in the pants. When they become too short, simply remove the easy to find red thread and *presto* you have another two inches!! (The jackets have this feature in the sleeves as well!)  Brilliant!!!!

It’s not too late to grab some Squall Snow Pants (and maybe even a jacket), especially while Lands’ End is running their current sale – 30% off everything and free shipping over $50.  Use the promo code “DASHER” and pin 9010.

We received a pair of snow pants to review from Lands’ End. All opinions are my own (or that of the mini snowman now staring at me from the patio).


  1. I like that mini snow man!!

  2. dont need these in Florida but they look great.

  3. We’ve had Land’s End snow pants before, and they are awesome!

  4. That’s such a neat idea!

  5. That’s so cool that they grow with him!

  6. Kind of miss the snow this time of year. I love warm weather, which is why we moved to FL, but I think it’s time to take a ski trip and get out our Land’s End stuff!

  7. I miss the snow! We will pull out our flannel lined jeans from Land’s End when we go skiing!

  8. I hate snow so good snow pants are a must

  9. I just bought a pair for each of my boys, neither one have the red thread.

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