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Five uses for the Motorola Blink1 Video Baby Camera besides Monitoring Baby

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motorola blink1 -4You are probably wondering what I could possible be using a baby monitor for, right?  I’ll admit, when I agreed to review the Motorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera, I figured I would probably try it out to write about and then gift it to one of my friends with an infant. I mean, what use would I have for it right?

First, let me talk about it as a baby monitor.  This thing rocks!! (Can I say how much I wish we had one of these when LJ was a baby??) This camera hooks up to your Wi-Fi and can be viewed via smartphones, tablets and computers with Wi-Fi access to the internet (can also be accessed via cellular but carrier charges may apply).  So not only can you check in on your little budle of joy when you are home, but when you are out and about as well!  No more just taking the babysitter’s word for it that baby is sleeping soundly, you can check yourself.


You can adjust the camera remotely by tilting, panning and even zooming.  This is such a cool feature as those stationary cameras are pretty much useless unless your subject is parked right in front of it.  The infrared night vision means you can actually check on your baby via the camera without turning on any lights that might disturb sleep.  One of my favorite features is that you can also use two way communication to speak to your baby or caregiver through the device.  How cool is that??

motorola blink1-3


So, what on earth could a family with a 9 year old use a video baby monitor for?  Actually, lots of things!

1) Keeping an eye on pets while out and about.  Roofus has been known to whine and carry-on if we put him in his crate while we are home.  It made me wonder if he was okay in his crate while we were out.  A quick check via the Motorola Blink-1 via the app on my iPhone let me know he was happy as could be chewing away on his Kong.

2) Checking if the stove is off when out for a day trip.  This wasn’t a planned use at all, but we left for a day trip and I had this gnawing feeling that I had left the burner on.  Since the camera was set up in the family room (from the dog observation session) I checked it out  using the panning and zoom features.  I was able to see that all the burners were off and I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my day.

3) Security while traveling.  We haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but I am planning on setting the camera up the next time we take a family vacation.  The ability to pop in and take a peek around the house to make sure everything is secure will be nice!  Because it also shows you the current temperature in the room, you are able to monitor that your home is okay in the winter months. (Would be great to have in a vacation home as well.)

4) Keeping an eye on seniors.  This would be a great option if you were concerned about a senior living alone.  The fact that you can move the camera as well as use two-way communication would make it very helpful if a fall were to happen. You can also use the temperature display to make sure your senior is comfortable.

5) Keeping an eye on children at home while you are out.  Let face it, even when kids are old enough to be home alone, we still worry about them!  This would be a great way to keep an eye on what they are doing even when you aren’t there.  Just the fact that you are able to peek in might be enough to head off any potential problems. You can also peek in on the kiddos while they are home with the sitter to make sure everything is going well while you are out or at the office.

motorola blink1 -2

I loved how quick and easy the set up was.  As long as you are proficient with hooking devices up to your Wi-Fi, you will be able to take advantage of all of the great features the Motorola Blink1 has to offer.  The free app makes monitoring the camera quick and easy and you can get the camera in any one of three snazzy colors!

I received a Motorola Blink1 to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Great suggestions, don’t forget you can use it to check in on your tweens and teens if they are home alone too. :)


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