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I was one of those parents who vowed my child was going to bring a creatively assembled, obnoxiously healthy lunch to school every day. Somehow, in my head, I pictured myself much more put together in the mornings.  I did not picture myself rolling out of bed bleary-eyed, stumbling around in the kitchen just trying to get a pot of coffee made.  Clearly coming up with pin-worthy lunch creations was not my forte, at least not at 7 am.

After about the two hundred and twenty-seventh sandwich of his Kindergarten year, LJ asked if he could bring a Lunchable for lunch.  We trotted off to the grocery store to find one that he would like.  I flipped it over and began reading the ingredients and thought I might have been reading a foreign language.  After looking all over the package for the ingredients in English, I realized that, no – that was the list of what was in this product.  I told LJ that there was no way I was going to send that into school with him and was immediately labelled a V.U.M.  (Very Uncool Mom) since, you know, “ALL THE OTHER KIDS GET TO HAVE THEM”.  I tried a compromise by creating my own lunch-meat-self-assembly-type-meal with healthier choices but that didn’t fly either.

Fast forward to third grade (now) and I am offered to review a healthy version of this lunch option. I am immediately skeptical remembering the long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the other product but decide to look into it.  I am immediately drawn to Revolution Foods when I find out it was started by two moms.  (I’m willing to bet they were labeled V.U.M.s too!)

revolution 3 meals

These moms started out by working to offer real food options for school lunches -by “real food” they mean no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Once that took off, they expanded their offerings to include Meal Kits.  These are an easy grab and go option for field trips, road trips, or just as a school or camp lunch option.   LJ gets a fun meal that also meets my criteria of having natural, pronounceable ingredients and everyone is happy!

revolution meal kits

So, now not only do I get to be the “cool mom” again, but these will make my life much easier when packing for camp or our Field Trip Friday adventures.  I mean, I really don’t see myself suddenly becoming a morning person once school lets out, do you?  Of course, I never thought I’d get to be a cool mom either, so who knows…

Wondering where to get Revolution Meal Kits? You can find a store near you here.  Don’t see a store nearby that carries them?  Go here to download a form to let your local stores know that you want access to real food too!  Connect with Revolution Foods on Facebook, on Twitter, and even print off a special coupon here.

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