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This summer, we decided to take some time and explore our own state. Each Friday, LJ and I will take a field trip to a local attraction or place of interest and report back on our experience.  We hope you will follow us along on our Field Trip Friday adventures!  If you would like us to visit your establishment, please email Maureen
and put Field Trip Friday in the subject line.

wisconsin humane society

For our first Field Trip Friday, we visited the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee.  LJ has had an interest in the Humane Society since we adopted Roofus aka Wisconsin Doggy a year ago this past March. (We adopted Roofus from the Ozaukee County campus.)  We took a very informative behind-the-scenes tour but, unfortunately, pictures are not allowed in most areas.

inside cat shelter

The Humane Society Milwaukee Campus is also a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  We saw a baby opossum, young duckling, and baby robin who were all spending time healing at the center.  The goal of the rehabilitation is  to eventually release the animals back into the wild.  If you find a wild animal that has been hurt or injured, they are the folks to call. (If you find a baby you think has been abandoned, let it be and watch for up to a day.  Many animals leave their young to go hunting for food and may just be waiting for you to leave.)

The rehabilitation center also has a house fasade that recreates many of the problems people face with wild animals such as birds flying into picture windows, building nests on light fixtures, or animals getting into garbage cans.  The house offers easy to implement solutions for each of these problems.

We also got a chance to peek into some of the exam rooms where the animals are given treatment for any ailments they might have.  Along the walls are the stories of several animals who were the victims of abuse and neglect.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear of the  horrible treatment these animals suffered, but the story ends happily when the Humane Society found them forever homes where they could heal and be loved.

A few things we learned while we were there:

  • Children can begin volunteering at the Humane Society at the age of 13 with a parent present.
  • The Humane Society offers vet appointments and procedures to families in need of financial assistance.
  • They happily take donations of blankets and old towels as well as pet food coupons, which are passed along to families in need.
  • The Humane Society receives no money from the government – it is completely funded by donations, sales from their store, fees from adoptions, and fundraisers.

We had a great time at the Wisconsin Humane Society and appreciate the time they spent showing us around and explaining how they work!!

Follow the Wisconsin Humane Society on Facebook and be sure to check out all of the available animals on their website!

activities for kids

There are lots of ways for kids to get involved at the Humane Society.

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