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FastPark Makes Flying Out of Milwaukee Quick and Easy

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fastpark logoI love traveling. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I love visiting other places but the actual act of getting there – the traveling – can sometimes be a giant headache.  Especially when it involves flying.  I never minded flying back when Jay and I were doing the whole New Hampshire/Wisconsin dating thing, but flying was different back then.  We could show up 15 minutes before a flight and be fine.  We could hang out down at the gate and say goodbye there.  There were usually tons of empty seats and you could stretch out and relax.

Yeah, things have changed a bit.  Flying is kind of a hassle now and I embrace anything that makes the whole experience any easier.  And that’s exactly what FastPark does! Well, at least the whole parking and getting to the terminal part (they really can’t do anything about waits at security or long layovers).  FastPark is a parking service located just outside Mitchell International, our airport here in Milwaukee.  (Have no fear if you don’t live in Wisconsin. FastPark has lots of other locations – see them all here.)

What sets FastPark apart from other parking options is their customer service! When you enter the lot (which is located just off the highway for easy and quick access), you are directed to a lettered row to locate a spot.  The FastPark shuttle follows you to your spot and the driver happily loads your bag(s) onto the shuttle. He also gives you a ticket with your row and spot number written on it so you don’t have to rely on your memory.  You are then wisked off to your airline’s terminal when your driver once again does the heavy lifting for you.

fastpark shuttle

When you return from your trip, you can catch the FastPark shuttle just outside baggage claim. You let the driver know where you are parked (by referring to that handy ticket I mentioned) and you are again driven right to your vehicle.  The driver will happily load your bags into your car and even hold an umbrella over you if it is raining.  You simply pay when you leave ( only $6.63 a day) and you are even offered a bottle of cold water on your way out.

FastPark offers lots of perks like their Relax for Rewards program where you earn points toward free parking every time you use the service.  Many locations even offer emergency assistance should you encounter any car trouble.

I had the opportunity to try FastPark & Relax on my recent trip to Arkansas for SoFabCon and loved it!  I was going to have to have Jay go in late for work in order to drop me off at the airport and being able to drive myself was much more convenient.  The shuttle had me from my car to the terminal is just minutes and I actually walked much less than if I had parked in the adjacent parking structure!.(Which was good since I think I packed waaay too much!)

The next time you are flying out, give FastPark & Relax a try – I know you’ll be as sold on it as I am!!

I was given 5 days of complimentary parking to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are my own and FastPark has earned my future business just by the fabulous customer service they provide.

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