Family Game Night AND Family Dinner

kfc logoWith all of the crazy schedules in our house, we really have to make an effort to make sure that family dinner is something that happens on a fairly regular basis.  It seems like the one time that we all get together and can share what went on in our day.  I feel like we get a little disconnected if we go too long with out this “together time” and try my best to make sure we are eating together more nights than not.  With Cub Scouts, sports, Destination Imagination, homework  (and that’s just LJ!!) it gets pretty busy around these parts.

Does your family struggle with fitting in quality together time too?

We also love the idea of family game night, but it seems to get pushed aside by all of the other things we have going on.  We have a pile of fun board games that seem to be collecting a thin layer of dust lately.  We often talk about setting up a family game night, but honestly it hasn’t happened in quite a while.  Luckily, KFC has come up with a way to make sure that both things happen in our house – and even at the same time!

KFC has come up with a family game night deal!  

You get a free iSpy game (plus a bonus poster) on the bucket when you purchase a 12 piece (or larger if your brood is really hungry) chicken tender meal.  It comes with two large sides, four biscuits, and four sauces.  I happen to love love love KFC’s coleslaw and the boys love the mac ‘n cheese.  We all fight over the last biscuit because – YUM!  We discovered a few new favorite sauces this time too – the bacon ranch and creamy buffalo are especially good.

We had a blast nibbling away, finding hidden objects on the bucket, and sharing about our day.  Thanks KFC, I feel like we accomplished two of the things that are important to us at once!   So #HowDoYouKFC ???

kfc family game night

I was compensated by KFC for sharing this with you. All thoughts, opinions, and professions of love for coleslaw are my own.

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