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Elmer’s Bag It Forward #BagItForward #CBias

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Every year I whine and complain that the back to school stuff gets put out too early.  If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my online hissy fit last year when one of my local stores put the back to school stuff out before the Fourth of July. (I know, right?)

So it was a bit ironic when I found myself stalking my local Wal*Mart this week, waiting impatiently for them to unpack the back to school boxes and put the supplies on the shelves. 

Was it because I’d had enough of summer and was hoping that school was ready to start up again?  Nope.   Was it because I couldn’t wait any longer for all the fun things Fall has to offer – fresh apples, pretty leaves, and cooler days?  Nope.

It was because I was anxious to participate in the Bag It Forward program again this year!

Bag It Forward is probably one of my favorite things about Fall.  I’ve participated for the last two years and it have donated school supplies to both a community in need after a tornado leveled many of its homes and a well deserving teacher who could use a few extra supplies for her classroom.

This year we were excited to have the chance to put together a back to school supply kit for a local student in need.

We headed to our local Wal*Mart.

First we found the display that has all of the school supply lists. It also has a QR code you can scan to download the Elmer’s 1st Day app. It’s a cute app that lets you shoot, organize, and share pictures and memories from the first day of school.  Not only can you enhance photos with cute borders and decorations, it ensures that your photos are safe from accident deletion AND lets you control who sees them.  And, for every photo uploaded via the app, Elmer’s will donate one product to the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) up to 200,000 products!  Too anxious to wait to download it?  Grab it here and start giving back by uploading photos of your back to school prep!

We then started shopping for the items on LJ’s second grade list. We grabbed two of everything – one for LJ and one to donate to another second grader who might need them.

We loved how the most popular items were located in the middle of the section in these handy bins.  It made our trip go much faster than if we had to hunt everything down in each aisle.

LJ’s school prefers Elmer’s glue products as they work better and last longer.  With prices like these, there’s no excuse not to get the good stuff!!

When we checked out, we were amazed that we were able to get all the supplies for less than $25 per student. Wow!!

All packed up and ready to be brought to our Elementary school on Monday morning!!  A big thank you to Elmer’s for allowing me to help out another 2nd grade student at LJ’s school!!

Get involved in the #BagItForward movement yourself!! Connect on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.

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  1. My son’s still 2 years away from school yet I LOVE Back to School season! I just love new office supplies! &The Bag It Forward movement is so great- I look forward to that every year now, too :)

  2. Awesome, the bag it forward campaign is so sweet, you got a ton of stuff!

  3. thats great!!

  4. What a wonderful program! I love that you can help kids by simply uploading photos to the free Elmer’s 1st Day App! Brilliant!

  5. It’s great that you donated all those supplies!

  6. This is a great program for helping needy students!

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