Dove Body Wash – Now Even Better with NutriumMoisture! #DoveTruth

Dove body wash winter skin dry soap washI’m so thrilled to be working with Dove as an ambassador this winter helping to get the word out about their new and improved Body Wash formula with NutriumMoisture! Wisconsin winters are absolutely brutal on skin (can we say temps colder than should be legally permissible??) and my skin already has a tendency to be dry.  I try to moisturize – I really do.  I slather on thick greasy lotion when I remember, and then I freeze while I’m waiting for it to sink in so I can finish getting dressed.  (Have you ever put on pants right after you lubed up your legs? It makes quite a mess.)

When I heard that Dove had a new formulation that I could use in the shower, I was hopeful that this would help in my quest to keep my dry winter skin soft and smooth without spending a lot of time layering on extra moisturizers.  Now, I should disclose that I have been a huge Dove fan for years, so I may be a little biased from the get go.  I started using Dove bar soap waaaay back when because I loved the gentle, moisturing formula and fresh scent.  I also fell in love with Dove’s gentle shampoos and conditioners which don’t strip my hair of moisture – the newer formula with conditioning oils has helped me tame the static fly-aways this winter as well.

But wait, I’m supposed to be telling you about the new body wash…

Dove Body Wash provides its signature gentle cleansing and moisture but steps it up a notch by including NutriumMoisture, the richest blend of nutrients that are naturally found in your skin allowing the moisture to penetrate deep down. (And it still has the light, fresh scent that I love.)  The new Dove Body Wash contains Glycinate, an ultra-mild cleansing ingredient usually only found in high end products.

The new body wash comes in a variety of formulations including Deep Moisture, Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin, gofresh scents, Purely Pamparing, and even a Winter Care formulation.  I was sent a Deep Moisture and Sensitive Skin to try out.

I grabbed the Deep Moisture for my own shower and put the Sensitive Skin in LJ’s shower as he needs all the moisture help he can get since his eczema is aggravated by dry, winter air.  I was a bit surprised that the wash lathered up as I usually associate lather with harsher, drying washes.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the wash did indeed deliver on its “deep moisture” promise!  I don’t think I can completely skip my after shower moisturizer completely, but I have switched to a much lighter lotion that sinks in quickly and doesn’t require waiting to get dressed. Yay!!

To learn more about the new Dove Body Wash line, be sure to check out the official Dove Facebook page and chck out this helpful video:

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dove and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. tiffany says

    Dove has single handedly took care of all my eczema only the Deep Moisture u don’t even need lotion afterwards lol I’ve also tried summer care,Sensitive Skin, And I love purely pampering I have to try the winter care tho… but honestly Deep Moisture is the Best and my personal staple.. Eczema gone completely… without any messy creams that don’t work…I’m in love!!!!

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