Do you have an exploding toilet???

Because I like to keep you, my faithful readers, fully informed of any hazards or recalls lurking in your home that you might not know about…
I bring you the latest danger in your bathroom.

The exploding toilet.

Did you know there have been several incidents involving injuries and property damage from exploding toilets? In fact, over 300 exploding toilets have been reported. The bursting of toilets are caused Flushmate’s flush assist system splitting at the seems when flushed, which has lead to a recall on millions of toilets in the US. The graphic below has more information and how to find out if you need to fix your toilet.

Have Issues with a bursting toilet? Contact a Professional Plumber

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  1. says

    Thank you for your post and infographic. Our goal is to ensure Flushmate customers who have units within the scope of the recall have the information they need to quickly get their toilets working properly with the repair kit installed. So we appreciate your help in getting the word out.

    The best way to find out if a Flushmate unit is within the scope of the recall is to visit the Flushmate website or call 1-800-303-5123. Our call center and customer service representatives will work to serve each individual customer.


    Scott R.

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