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With Lake Michigan practically in our backyard, it is kind of amazing how seldom we actually go out on it by boat.  Most of the time we are boating and fishing on the smaller lakes inland.  LJ and I were looking for something local to do on a hot Friday afternoon and decided that a boat trip was in order.  Since I am in no way qualified to navigate a boat out onto Lake Michigan, we decided to take a cruise on one of the boats that offers this as a service.

After calling around a bit, we settled on the Milwaukee Boat Tour line and bought tickets for a cruise and some lunch.  We headed down and found easy (and discounted) parking just steps from the boat.

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What a gorgeous day to be on the water!  The boat headed down the Milwaukee River. The tour was narrated by a tour guide who pointed out several landmarks and shared some local trivia.

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LJ wasn’t all that into the historic part of the cruise but loved being on the boat and looking around at everything going by. He was a little dismayed at the color of the river water.

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You really get a very different view of the city from the water!

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Before long, we passed the break wall separating the harbor from Lake Michigan.  You could feel the temperature drop about 10 degrees as we sailed out into the lake.  The breeze felt amazing on a hot day!

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This is a view of the Milwaukee skyline you can only get from the water!

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LJ really liked taking a tour on a bigger boat.  He usually spends time on my father-in-law’s motor boat whole fishing the smaller lakes in the area.  We saw the high-speed ferry take off for Michigan while we were out on the lake and he expressed an interest in giving that a try sometime as well.

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