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Introducing Boxtroll “Candy” #BuildABoxtrollSweeps

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously to see how our clay and cardboard Boxtroll came out.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to our very own Boxtroll, Candy!!

boxtroll candy


Enter the Build a Boxtroll sweepstakes for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for four to The Boxtrolls movie premiere in Los Angeles! You can find more info and ideas here.

Take a photo of your creation and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #BuildABoxtrollSweeps hashtag to enter. No purchase is necessary, you must be 18+ years old and reside in the 50 U.S. States and District of Columbia to enter. The contest is going on NOW and ends September 5, 2014. Official rules

Get Sized for a Bra and Help A Woman in Need #LiftTOUR

Vanity Fair_LiftTOUR_PosterDid you know that chances are pretty good you are wearing the wrong size bra? Most studies seem to indicate that about 80-85% of women are wearing a bra that is NOT their size. Having kids, weight gain or loss, and a bra’s age can all affect fit.  Having a professional determine your size is really the best way to find out what size bra you should be buying.

Vanity Fair is on a mission to help women out in this department with their “Women Who Do” campaign. Hey, they know we are all busy and that’s why this summer they are coming to YOU! The LiftTOUR is a traveling bus tour where you can be properly fit and sized for a bra.  But the best part is that LiftTOUR has partnered with Dress For Success ( an organization that helps women who might be a bit down on their luck by providing them with professional clothing for job interviews).  I’m a huge fan of Dress For Success and donated all my suits there when I left the corporate world.

When you visit a LiftTOUR stop and getting a fitting, Vanity Fair will donate a bra to Dress For Success!

Check out the remaining tour dates and find out when LiftTOUR will be near you!

lifttour dates

lifttour dates 2

Don’t Chase the Ice Cream Truck #IceCreamRun


I’m pretty sure our local ice cream truck driver has been messing with us all summer. You know how the ice cream truck has that very distinctive music that plays and signals people everywhere that cold, frosty treats are slowly making their way in your direction?  Well, we have been hearing that music all summer but have yet to see an actual ice cream truck anywhere.wantedposter

Granted, we live on a dead end so the chances of him coming down our street and stopping in front of our house are probably less than some of the other houses BUT I do remember quite clearly silently cursing out an ice cream truck for s-l-o-w-l-y driving up and down our road back when LJ was of nap taking age, so I know they know we are down here.  Several nights we have heard the melodious call of the truck from what sounds like the next road over and have hopped on bikes and even in the car to hunt him down with no luck.  I began to wonder if one of the neighbors was playing a recording of the truck’s call just to be funny. Since my poor little kiddo was feeling rather down after our last unsuccessful ice cream truck hunting expedition, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We went to Walgreens.

ice cream at walgreens

Hey – stop your laughing!! Walgreens has a great selection of all of your favorite Unilever frozen treats.  For just under $20 (which is probably what we would have spent for each of us to grab a treat or two from the ice cream truck) we got a BUNCH of goodies at Walgreens.

ice cream treats at walgreens

Everybody got exactly what they love – I got my Magnum bars with creamy caramel and rich chocolate, Jay got his Fruttare Strawberry Bars, and LJ got Oreo ice cream AND Klondike Bars (lucky kid!).

klondike bar

So if your ice cream guys is like ours and seems to be playing a game of hide and seek, forget trying to hunt him down and just hit your local Walgreens instead!

This sponsored post was brought to you in partnership with Global Influence.

Honeymoon Mishaps #CystexBurningLove

You know how it is when you are first together and it seems like nothing can put you into a bad mood or make you cross with each other. (Remember those times? Think back really hard!) Jay and I were that typical annoying couple – always holding hands and making googly eyes at each other. We even made the ridiculously long drive from NH to WI several times without getting sick of each other along the way.

Well, until that fateful trip where we decided that “winging it” was our best option.

Let me back up. We had made the drive both ways from NH to WI and back a few times and had always booked an overnight stop right around Sandusky, Ohio (the halfway point on the map). Each time, we realized that we could have gone a little further but were already locked in since we had a hotel reservation.

One August, we were headed back to NH and figured we would just push as far as we could before getting too tired to drive and grab a hotel wherever we were at that point. I can’t remember exactly how far we were when we decided to pull off the road and grab a room, but we didn’t think too much of it when that hotel told us they were all booked up. We hopped back on I-90 and continued on to the next town. The two hotels in that town were also booked up.

This was when we started getting a little worried. The next three hotels also had no vacancy and it was then that someone clued us in that this was the weekend when all of the college kids drove back to school and pretty much every hotel along I-90 was booked solid. We started to panic a little. We stopped at the next rest stop to grab some coffee and figure out what we were going to do.

Jay wanted to sleep in our car (a Honda Civic – not the roomiest vehicle) at a rest stop. Having watched my share of Dateline episodes, I vetoed that idea convinced that we would absolutely be killed by an axe murderer if we did that. We soldiered on for a few more hours.

We stopped at another rest stop around 2 or 3 am and when Jay got a look at me in the harsh fluorescent lights, he let a “You look like sh!t” escape from his mouth before his sleep deprived brain thought the better of it. (Of course, looking back I totally get what he meant – I’m sure I was a sight after 18+ hours on the road and I probably did look like crap, but who wants to hear it??) To make a really LONG story (and night) short, we didn’t find a hotel with vacancy until we hit Nashua, NH which was ony about 20 miles away from where we were headed. We checked in around 11 am and slept most of the day, had some dinner, and went back to bed. That trip was pretty much the end of the honeymoon!

There can be a lot of circumstances that put a damper on honeymoon bliss and Cystex wants to make sure you know about the help available while waiting to see your physician. Cystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets, is the only OTC UTI medication with an antibacterial agent that helps to contain the progression of the infection while you wait to see your doctor, as well as help reduce the pain and burning sensation with an analgesic. For recurrent UTIs, Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex is a great-tasting, drug-free, daily supplement that is clinically proven to promote urinary health with its convenient Proantinox® cranberry formula containing vitamin C – and is sugar- free!

This catchy video (sure to be on the Top 40 chart in no time at all) gives a humorous look at a common burning love mishap!

Make sure you enter the “Cystex® Romantic Night In” Giveaway hosted on the Cystex Facebook page for a chance to win a romantic at-home dinner for two and a Victoria Secret Gift Card to create more “honeymoon” moments. (Hopefully with no mishaps!!)

For more information about Cystex® and to learn more about burning love visit

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cystex®. The opinions and text are all mine.

How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are a wonderful way to have a good time but only if you do them up right. Gathering your friends together to get ready for the big game seems easy enough, but it is actually rather easy to make some major tailgate party mistakes. Here are some tips to make sure your tailgate party is on point and the talk of the parking lot on game day:

 Know your location

A good tailgate party will need a good spot in the parking lot. Sometimes the crowds are too large to pick and choose and you simply have to take what is there, but generally you have some choices. Always pick a corner spot if you can. Spots along the side of the parking lot are good and especially so if they have a grassy area big enough for games like cornhole and horseshoes.

 Make sure you have sports fans

Although tailgate parties can certainly be fun for anyone, it is powered by sports fans. Make sure you have a few die hard fans to show up to get the excitement started. Everyone has a few sports fans like this, so invite a few!

 Assume bad weather

For whatever reason, a tailgate party is like a magnet for bad weather. Just embrace that and expect it so that you are always prepared. You need a few tarps, a tent cover and plenty of disposable rain jackets in case things go badly.

 Stock up on the stuff everyone forgets

Few people actually remember to buy cups, paper plates and silverware. Napkins are another basic staple as well as condiments. Buy these in bulk and make sure you keep plenty of them packed and ready to go during the season.

 Remember to make it a team affair

The whole point of a tailgating party is to have fun while supporting your team of choice. As such, decorate your setup with team gear and dress the part! This helps to get the party started and will show your team spirit to all who pass by.

 Buy the food…then buy extra

You can’t have too much food at a tailgating party. There is a better than even chance you will get passers-by and they will be hungry. In the spirit of team unity, you might want to share in the bounty. The bottom line is to never underestimate the food. Always buy extra because you will definitely need it and never waste it.

 Bring as much seating as possible

Tailgating is demanding work and after 10 rounds of cornhole and a couple of burgers, folks are going to want to sit down. While you can only pack so much, you should bring what chairs you have.

Simplify the menu

Don’t worry about being extra fancy with your setup or your menu. The bottom line is to find a quick and easy food that everyone loves like hot dogs, hamburgers or steaks and then do them up right. Putting your friends on notice to bring some of their own special dishes will accentuate your food choices.

Tailgating is really just a celebration of food, friends and sport. Mix the three up and you will have a successful one for sure. Happy tailgating!