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Kalahari Discount Code – Have a Fantastic Family Getaway

kalahari_logoSome of the best vacations I remember from when I was a kid were the ones we took with family. Riding my bike on Cape Cod with my grandfather when it was sunny and playing Canasta with my grandmother when it rained, camping with my aunt, visiting my uncle on St. Croix, and getting to know distant relatives in Canada. I recently went searching for pictures of these adventures and couldn’t find any (my parents probably have most of them), but the memories are still crystal clear and that’s what matters.

Kalahari Resorts wants to help you create some amazing memories with your own family. Young or old, everyone has fun at Kalahari whether they are splashing around in the waterpark, gaming at the arcade, checking out the indoor theme park or even catching a movie at the AMC theater.


To make enjoying Kalahari even easier, I have a fabulous discount code for you. Use the code “MOMS” and you will get the super special rate of $109 per night with 4 Indoor Theme Park passes and $20 food and beverage credit in Hut or Desert Room.  But you’ll need to hurry because that rate is only good on the following dates: September 28-30 and October 1-2. 7-9.  Those dates don’t work for you?  We also have   10/3 (Friday) at $129 rate,and 10/4 (Sat) at a $159 rate.

So go make some memories!!


Just Between Friends Milwaukee Sale Starts this Weekend #JBFMilwaukee



As much as none of us want to admit it, winter is just around the corner.  With colder temperatures and *gasp* snow comes a change in wardrobe. If your kid is anything like mine, there was a LOT of growing that went on this summer and last year’s clothes are not going to fit again.  I used to go out and buy all new pants, shirts, winter coat and snow pants.  And then I would choke back a little cry when I saw how much all of that cost – and I only have ONE!

I was soooo grateful when I was introduced to the Just Between Friends sale in Milwaukee last spring!  I shopped my little heart out and found such awesome deals, I almost couldn’t believe it. While I came home with a huge stack of hardly worn, new to us clothes for the summer, I came home with an equally large pile of items that were new with the original tags still on them! And I spent a fraction of what I would have had I gone shopping at my usual stores.

If you’ve been to past Just Between Friends sales, you know what I’m talking about!  The Milwaukee sale is HUGE and if you need it, I can almost guarantee they have it. If you haven’t yet checked out a Just Between Friends sale, come on down Sunday and be ready to be amazed!!


The Just Between Friends Milwaukee Sale is held at the Wisconsin Expo Center on the State Fair Park grounds in West Allis, Wisconsin.

Sale hours:

Sunday, September 21st 10am-7pm ($3.00 admission)
Monday, September 22nd 10am-7pm
Tuesday, September 23rd 10am-7pm
Wednesday, September 24th 10am-6pm
Thursday, September 25th 10am-5pm (*25% off day!)
Friday, September 26th 10am-7pm (*50% off day!)
Saturday, September 27th 10am-1pm (*50% off day!)
*Items with a star will remain FULL price! Consignors decide which items go 25% and 50%.

Take advantage of this special coupon and get in for free on September 21st.

JBF coupon
Here’s a little preview of what you can expect!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Just Between Friends of Milwaukee. This program is in partnership with Real Mom Media . All opinions are my own.

Sea Cuisine’s Fish Taco Food Truck Lands in Milwaukee #UpgradeYourTacoWI

upgradeyourtacowiSince I am East Coast born and raised, a love of seafood is in pretty much in my DNA.  And when I talk about seafood, I’m talking about things that come from the actual sea – lake creatures need not apply!  The problem with living in the Midwest is that fresh, affordable seafood can be pretty hard to come by.  I discovered Sea Cuisine a few years ago and fell in love with their frozen fish recipes very quickly.

sea cuisine products

Sea Cuisine has 17 different frozen seafood varieties for you to try.  They are found in your local grocer’s freezer and are soooo easy to prepare. They are already crusted or battered in whichever tasty mixture you desire and all you have to do is pop them into the oven and bake them. Instant delicious hot-from-your-oven seafood!

Locals – if you are used to getting your Sea Cuisine products at Pick ‘n Save, they have moved them out of the chest freezers by the seafood counter and into the frozen food aisle.  My heart stopped a little when I didn’t see them in their usual space and thought PnS wasn’t carrying them anymore!!

Maybe you’re one of those types who needs to try it themselves before you are convinced.  Not a problem! Sea Cuisine has you covered – with their own Taco Truck which will be in Milwaukee through July 6th.  The truck is visiting a variety of Milwaukee locations and handing out free fish tacos (YES – FREE!) so you can sample the sea food goodness for yourself.


LJ and I got to visit Chef Michael Feker while he was whipping up some amazing fish creations.  I’ll have to admit, the Fish “Truck” was a heck of a lot fancier than I had imagined.  I was picturing an ice cream truck just without the annoying song and handing out tacos instead of cones.  What we found was more like a mobile home with a really fancy kitchen – but it is being pulled by a truck, so I guess that counts.

taco food truck

LJ got a cooking lesson and created a super yummy fish taco that you can create at home yourself.  (Hey, if my nine year old can do it, YOU can do it!!)  Want to know what he made and grab the recipe? Here are a bunch of delicious fish taco recipes!!

Is the Milwaukee Art Museum Interesting for Kids?

The Milwaukee Art Museum offers many programs that will interest kids.I remember back when the Milwaukee Art Museum first opened up the Quadracci Pavilion in 2001, Jay and I went to check it out. That was the first time I had been to the Milwaukee Art Museum and I was pretty impressed.  We returned a few times over the years for different exhibits we wanted to see, but once we had LJ I never really thought about bringing him to the museum.

Earlier this year, his class took a trip to the symphony and to the Art Museum.  He came home full of excitement and asked if he could go back to the Art Museum again as he didn’t feel like he had enough time to look around during the field trip.  We were invited by the Museum to come back on a recent day off and explore as well as take advantage of their interactive iPod Touch tour.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much the Museum would hold LJ’s interest when it was just he and I.  I figured we would spend an hour, maybe 90 minutes and be on our way.  Boy, was I wrong!! LJ absolutely LOVED it.  We checked in and got ourselves an iPod Touch for the interactive tour.  (Got your own iPhone or iPod Touch?  Just download the free app from iTunes and you are all set!)

The Milwaukee Art Museum offers interactive iPod tours.

LJ loved being able to learn more about specific pieces of art - some lessons are audio, some are on screen.

milwaukee art museum 94

We spent time looking at the paintings on the main floor. That area was where his class had spent most of their time and he enjoyed being able to tell me about the different paintings and what he had learned.

milwaukee art museum 6

Next, we ventured over to take advantage of some of the hands on activities.  LJ had a blast trying to pick out what frames worked with which paintings and was actually really good at it!  When you hold up the frame, a voice comes on and describes why it might or might not be the best choice.

milwaukee art museum 4


We took a look through the current exhibit, Uncommon Folk.  LJ enjoyed seeing all of the different types of art.  The next exhibit is a Kandinsky retrospective that starts June 5th. We will be coming back to see that one as well!

Eventually, we made our way up to the third floor to the Kohl’s Art Generations Gallery which was full of all kinds of hands on opportunities.  The theme of illusions is one that naturally appeals to kids and it is presented in a way that help kids (and adults too) understand the fundamental principles artists use to create depth and perspective in their drawings and paintings.  LJ had learned some of this at school and the activities at the museum really brought his understanding to the next level.  We both had a blast creating our own sketches, drawings, and even stop-motion movies. (Scroll through the slideshow below to see some of what we created.)

Our entire visit lasted over three hours and we still could have done more!  I love how the Milwaukee Art Museum makes art really come alive for kids and how much their is for them to do there.  The museum also offers ArtPacks! These are self-guided activities created to help families connect with art in fun ways. Current highlights include Sketchpacks—carry cases filled with a variety of paper and artist’s materials for drawing in the galleries, an Architecture Scavenger Hunt (complete with a prize!), Reading with Art—picture books with cue cards developed to be read in front of works of art.  ArtPack activities are free and available from the ArtPack attendant stationed in the Kohl’s Education Center, in the Collection Galleries, Main Level.

Admission is:


You and your family can take advantage of  Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays where families can enjoy hands-on art activities, interactive performances, family tours, visiting artists, and more! These events are free with Museum admission and for children twelve and under.  For the budget conscious, museum admission is free the first Thursday of each month.


Thanks so much to the Milwaukee Art Museum for having us!  We had soooo much fun and can’t wait to come back again.

Milwaukee Just Between Friends Sale this Weekend #JBFMilwaukee

milwaukee consignment saleIf you like saving money (and really, who doesn’t??), you need to make sure you get yourself to the Just Between Friends Sale in Milwaukee.

If you haven’t heard of Just Between Friends, it is a consignment sale where you can purchase (or sell)  kids’ outgrown clothes, toys, and gear.  Imagine getting everything from car seats to trendy outfits at up to 90% off what they cost in the store – you can totally do that at Just Between Friends.

Just Between Friends sales take place all over the country in select cities and we are lucky enough to have a HUGE one here in Milwaukee.  Located at State Fair Park in the Wisconsin Expo Center Hall C, with over 493 consignors  and a 55,000 square foot venue!

While it’s too late to sign up to sell your stuff (be sure to bookmark the site for the next sale in the fall though!), you can absolutely come out the spring sale and shop your heart out.  The sale runs from Sunday, April 6th through Friday, April 11th.

Below are the spring dates of the Just Between Friends Milwaukee sale.

Sunday, April 6th 10am-7pm $3.00 admission
Monday, April 7th 10am-7pm
Tuesday, April 8th 10am-7pm
Wednesday, April 9th 10am-5pm
Thursday, April 10th 10am-7pm (*50% off day)
Friday, April 11th 10am-1pm (*50% off day)

*Items with a star will remain FULL price! Consignors decide which items go half off.

State Fair may be charging for parking. NOTE this is State Fair and not JBF! You are welcome to park on the city streets or at the Petit Center and walk on over. Or bring your family and friends and split the cost of parking.  Print out the coupon below for free admission on Sunday, April 6th.

free admission coupon milwaukee just between friends

Learn more about Just Between Friends – Milwaukee by connecting with them on their Facebook page, on Twitter, and on their website.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Just Between Friends of Milwaukee.  This program is in partnership with Real Mom Media.  All opinions are my own.