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I finally get to be the cool mom! #MC


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I was one of those parents who vowed my child was going to bring a creatively assembled, obnoxiously healthy lunch to school every day. Somehow, in my head, I pictured myself much more put together in the mornings.  I did not picture myself rolling out of bed bleary-eyed, stumbling around in the kitchen just trying to get a pot of coffee made.  Clearly coming up with pin-worthy lunch creations was not my forte, at least not at 7 am.

After about the two hundred and twenty-seventh sandwich of his Kindergarten year, LJ asked if he could bring a Lunchable for lunch.  We trotted off to the grocery store to find one that he would like.  I flipped it over and began reading the ingredients and thought I might have been reading a foreign language.  After looking all over the package for the ingredients in English, I realized that, no – that was the list of what was in this product.  I told LJ that there was no way I was going to send that into school with him and was immediately labelled a V.U.M.  (Very Uncool Mom) since, you know, “ALL THE OTHER KIDS GET TO HAVE THEM”.  I tried a compromise by creating my own lunch-meat-self-assembly-type-meal with healthier choices but that didn’t fly either.

Fast forward to third grade (now) and I am offered to review a healthy version of this lunch option. I am immediately skeptical remembering the long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the other product but decide to look into it.  I am immediately drawn to Revolution Foods when I find out it was started by two moms.  (I’m willing to bet they were labeled V.U.M.s too!)

revolution 3 meals

These moms started out by working to offer real food options for school lunches -by “real food” they mean no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Once that took off, they expanded their offerings to include Meal Kits.  These are an easy grab and go option for field trips, road trips, or just as a school or camp lunch option.   LJ gets a fun meal that also meets my criteria of having natural, pronounceable ingredients and everyone is happy!

revolution meal kits

So, now not only do I get to be the “cool mom” again, but these will make my life much easier when packing for camp or our Field Trip Friday adventures.  I mean, I really don’t see myself suddenly becoming a morning person once school lets out, do you?  Of course, I never thought I’d get to be a cool mom either, so who knows…

Wondering where to get Revolution Meal Kits? You can find a store near you here.  Don’t see a store nearby that carries them?  Go here to download a form to let your local stores know that you want access to real food too!  Connect with Revolution Foods on Facebook, on Twitter, and even print off a special coupon here.

Family Game Night AND Family Dinner

kfc logoWith all of the crazy schedules in our house, we really have to make an effort to make sure that family dinner is something that happens on a fairly regular basis.  It seems like the one time that we all get together and can share what went on in our day.  I feel like we get a little disconnected if we go too long with out this “together time” and try my best to make sure we are eating together more nights than not.  With Cub Scouts, sports, Destination Imagination, homework  (and that’s just LJ!!) it gets pretty busy around these parts.

Does your family struggle with fitting in quality together time too?

We also love the idea of family game night, but it seems to get pushed aside by all of the other things we have going on.  We have a pile of fun board games that seem to be collecting a thin layer of dust lately.  We often talk about setting up a family game night, but honestly it hasn’t happened in quite a while.  Luckily, KFC has come up with a way to make sure that both things happen in our house – and even at the same time!

KFC has come up with a family game night deal!  

You get a free iSpy game (plus a bonus poster) on the bucket when you purchase a 12 piece (or larger if your brood is really hungry) chicken tender meal.  It comes with two large sides, four biscuits, and four sauces.  I happen to love love love KFC’s coleslaw and the boys love the mac ‘n cheese.  We all fight over the last biscuit because – YUM!  We discovered a few new favorite sauces this time too – the bacon ranch and creamy buffalo are especially good.

We had a blast nibbling away, finding hidden objects on the bucket, and sharing about our day.  Thanks KFC, I feel like we accomplished two of the things that are important to us at once!   So #HowDoYouKFC ???

kfc family game night

I was compensated by KFC for sharing this with you. All thoughts, opinions, and professions of love for coleslaw are my own.

10 Must Have Pool Toys and Accessories

10 Pool Party Toys - Summer Fun

Whether you’ve had your pool open for weeks or are just taking your first dip now, having fun pool accessories and toys makes all the difference.  Here are 10 must have items for your next pool party or staycation at home!!

12 Large Hibiscus Hawaiian Luau Pool Party Tote Bags


Large polyester hibiscus design tote bags are fun summer accessories and tropical party favors. Fill with treats and goodies to use as goodie bags at beach parties, pool parties and luaus.16 1/2″1 dozenAssorted colors

Intex Waterslide

slide Make a splash all summer long!. Attach garden hose for sprayers to wet slide surface. 8 heavy duty handles. Inflatable bases for stability. 7 air chambers

Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game

GatorTossWhat could be more fun at a pool or beach party than an inflatable Alligator Ring Toss game? This friendly gator measures 22″ and is great activity for a kids’ party. Kids’ throw 6 assorted color, 5″ plastic rings and try to make on the Alligator’s mouth or tail.

Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game


This floating basketball game sets up in minutes, requires no deck space or counter-weight. It floats right in the pool so you can shoot from 360 degree angles. Perfect for all ages, this game is a party favorite and is designed to last for many seasons. Each game comes complete with foam floats, net, stand, and ball.

Molded Cross-Pole Volly

vollySturdy Blow-Molded Posts with Water Weighted Bases. Fits Inground Pools up to 20-ft in Width. Includes Heavy Duty Net and Real Feel Game Ball.

Arcade Shooter Water Float Toy

arcadeThis game is a show stopper. Lather the kids up with sunscreen for they will spend hours at this arcade. Inspired by the carnival gun race, the arcade comes with 2 constant supply water guns. See who can get all the balls out of the tube first!

Water Gear Deluxe Water Fun Pack

RingsFour fun games in one! 6-inch dive rings (3), dive disks (4), diving seahorses (3) and turtle-in-egg (4)

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Jolly Jellyfish Sinkers


Drop these cute sinkers into the pool to kick off diving games, counting activities, races and more. Four sinkers, whimsically shaped like jellyfish with mesh bottoms, are brightly colored, numbered 1-4 and cheerfully decorated with big smiles that will have kids giggling right along with them. Set comes with game ideas to inspire hours of pool-time fun.

Sea-Saw Rocker


Swimline rocks your world with the fun see-saw aquatic toy. Rockin’ cool time for kids!

Swim Thru Rings

ringsswimTest your aquatic agility with Stream Machine Swim Thru Rings. Innovative, collapsible rings, with adjustable air chambers, allow you to change the underwater depth. Spice up your swimming routine with the ultimate test of aquatic athleticism. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or a budding novice, Swim Thru Rings are challenging and fun. Perfect for tournaments and aquatic games, these rings turn ordinary swimming into an engrossing sport. You can use these rings for swimming lessons or for aquatic recreation. The inflatable chambers are decorated with turtles and fish and adjust to your desired depth.

 cup of coffee

Keep Your Cool with these Amazing Cooling Wipes #BanTotalRefresh

Keep Cool this Summer! #BanTotalRefreshSummers here in Wisconsin can be almost as brutal as the winters.  I’m talking hot and humid weather that makes you want to just float around the pool and never come out.  But we also have a ton of fun things to do here in the summer, and if you never come out of your pool, you’ll miss them! We have festivals every weekend, the Milwaukee County Zoo, Brewer games, gorgeous parks to explore – tons of fun outdoor things.

The challenge comes when you have spent any time outside in the hot, muggy weather and feel like you need a shower to be even the least bit presentable before heading to your next activity, but don’t have time to head home and actually take one.  Ban has come up with a solution for that exact issue - Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths!!  These silky little numbers actually cool you down AND leave you feeling powdery fresh with a PowderSilk™ technology imported exclusively from Japan.

ban total refresh

After using  Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths, you’ll feel a super fine, silky powder on your skin that helps you avoid that sticky feeling those humid temps can give you.  They are the perfect size to keep stashed in your purse, car, backpack or whatever you will have with you on your summer adventures.  I’ve already put them to use during the few hot days we’ve had and couldn’t help thinking about how great they would be on a camping trip too!

The only problem with these awesome wipes is that everyone else is loving them too!  They are practically flying off the shelves faster than Ban can get them out there.  People have even been selling them on Ebay!! You can also learn more on Ban’s official Facebook page.


Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Ban via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ban or Momtrends



Reebok Skyscapes Offer Comfort and Convenience #MC

reebok skyscapesI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As much as I love to think of summer as a relaxing time when we kick back by the pool and relax all day, the reality is that our summers are pretty busy here.  Days are packed with lessons here and camp there and fun trips exploring local things to do on Field Trip Friday.  Since I scale back my work hours quite a bit and spend more time running around with LJ, I am probably on my feet more in the summer than when I am at my desk working for hours at a time in the cooler months.

All of this running around calls for comfy shoes.  I’ve never mastered the art of wearing flip flops, so my go to comfy summer shoe is usually sneaks. I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to review the new Reebok Skyscapes since I had seen the ad claiming they were so comfortable you might forget you are wearing them.  Since I always have trouble buying the right sized shoes online, I headed to my local Kohl’s to pick up a pair. (I was glad I did – they do run a tad large.)  I found them in the “running” section of women’s shoes.  Only the pink and black are available in-store so I grabbed a black pair.

reebok skyscapes at kohls

As soon as I got home, I tried wearing them around the house to see how I would like them.  All I can say is – LOVE!  They are so amazingly lightweight that I can see how someone might forget they had them on.  The 360 degrees of foam create what I like to call a “foot cloud”.  The material they are made of has a stretch to it that makes them feel like you just slipped a glove on your feet.  I was able to wear them without socks and blisters – that is literally a first for me!  While these were found in the running shoe section at Kohl’s, they really aren’t a running shoe – more like a casual wear shoe.

reebox skyscapes 2

My excitement over the incredible fit is matched only by my excitement over the fact that these shoes are machine washable! I somehow manage to get my shoes scary-filthy and love the fact that I can just toss these babies in the washer and have them all clean and sparkly again.  I love the black ones I picked up and am now eyeing some of the other sassy colors available on Kohl’s website.