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Cardstore Makes Sending Holiday Cards Easy and Stress-free! #Sponsored #MC #TopoftheMantel

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cardstore logoI participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I used to be that person who had her cards done and mailed early. I think the first year we were married, I had them in the mail to arrive the day after Thanksgiving.  I kept that pace up for a few years, but then I had LJ and things started to slide.  The year he was born, I had the cards and gifts mailed early, but not before-Thanksgiving-early.  Each passing year, they got a little later until last year they actually went out after Christmas and we called them “New Year’s Cards”.

You know how it is. Each year brings a new responsibility and soon writing out all those cards becomes more of a chore than something fun.  And forget about addressing them all!! I gave up on that a few years ago and actually created a database on my computer that spits out those easy labels all pre-printed.

But then there was the year I drove around with the addressed cards in my car for weeks.  Each time I would try and stop by the Post Office for stamps, there was a huge line. I finally bought stamps out of an ATM machine. They weren’t holiday stamps, but at least my cards made it out!!

If any of these scenarios sounds like you, you will be as excited as I was to hear about Cardstore!  Cardstore is a website where you can design your own personalized holiday cards or newsletters.  (I realize that alone is not all that unusual.)  Here is where Cardstore really stands apart from the crowd – they also address and mail your cards for you.  How amazing is that!!  It’s like they took the most stressful parts out and let you just enjoy the fun part!

I love that they allow you to pull your photo from a variety of places, not just on your computer.  You can use pictures from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or Flickr.  I remembered a cute picture of LJ and Roofus that I wanted to use but could only find it on Instagram.  No problem – it came out perfect!

cardstore card

And from now through 11/26, you can even get 30% off of your holiday cards. Head over and create your own masterpiece!






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  1. I love designing cards with pictures of the kids on them. It is one of my favorite holiday things to do. Somehow though the mailing part of the whole project always fails or just barely makes it.


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