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Brands and Social Media

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I think I have developed a new pet peeve. I should probably just add it to my list of many, right?  So what could possible be bugging me enough that I actually sat down and wrote about it?

It’s brands that don’t keep up with their Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts.

I know, talk about your first world problems! Sure, in the big scheme of things, it’s not up there with major issues like hunger or falling off of the fiscal cliff.  But it does make me wonder, if you’re not going to keep up with your social media pages, why put them up to start with?

I’m guessing a lot of brands get talked into the fact that they need to have a social media presence by some over zealous social media consultant (watch out out for those – they are a shady bunch!! LOL) who neglected to mention that designing and publishing a Facebook page is NOT the end of the story.  You also have to keep an eye on the page, interact with those who have sought you out there, and answer any questions or concerns they might have. And, NO, deleting negative comments does not count as interacting!

I reached out (as a customer, not a blogger) to two different companies via Facebook and Twitter recently and heard nothing but crickets in both cases.  I scrolled back quite a ways on one of the brand’s Facebook page and noticed they hadn’t answered any comments or questions for most of November.  Wow.  I couldn’t help but contrast with the social media team at my work who respond within a day at the most and often almost immediately. (Not that I’m biased or anything…okay, maybe a little, but they really are an amazing bunch!)

So here is my unsolicited advice: Brands, don’t bother with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media if you are not going to use some resources to keep up with it. If you have limited resources, pick one platform and concentrate on it.  It’s better to have no Facebook page than one that is neglected.

What’s your biggest social media pet peeve when it comes to brands?


  1. What you said!

  2. who forgets about their marketing for a month? Crazy!

  3. so true

  4. I agree! They wouldn’t put their phone number and not answer it, right?! Thanks so much for this important reminder!

  5. They’re really missing the boat by not paying attention to those channels.

  6. OMG- I so agree with you! How can you market yourself in todays world without having an active social media presence!!

  7. OMG-I so agree with everything you wrote. How can a company survive in today’s world without having an active social media presence.

  8. totally agree!! they’re casting their nets too wide!!

  9. They need to pay attention!! That’s where the consumers are!

  10. There are many pages on Facebook that are just dead. Why a company or brand would not want to continually promote is beyond me.

  11. I know what you mean!

  12. Yes, this annoys me too! Or even if you just say something nice about a brand and they never acknowledge it.

  13. It is ridiculous, why have a page and not keep it up?

  14. Brands that are dishonest or unhelpful.

  15. Some companies still don’t take social media serious. Too bad.

  16. I TOTALLY agree!

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