3 Benefits of Adopting an Adult Dog

3 Benefits of Adopting an Adult Dog

When we set out to find a dog and wound up bringing home Roofus (aka Wisconsin Doggy), we did not have any set ideas about whether we were looking for a puppy or an older dog.  In fact, we came about *thisclose* to bringing home what we were told was a lab puppy (but turned out to be a Newfie!). Our experience would have been very different if he had come home with us! Not worse, just different.

Are you thinking about getting a new dog for your household? Maybe the kids are begging for a puppy or you are ready to add a new furbaby to your family. Before you buy a little puppy, think about the reasons that you might want to opt for an older dog. Here are 3 benefits of adopting an adult dog that you may want to consider.

Less yippee-yaps with age!

Sure, its fun to see a little puppy grow from a tiny teacup size to a full grown dog, but with little puppies you typically get all the youthful yips and yaps. Young pups are going to chew on everything and need to be trained about life. An older dog will typically be more settled and sedate for more of the day. Older dogs may not bark at the wind or howl at the moon like a little puppy. Think older dogs – think a little less noise. Of course, this does vary depending on the dog’s breed and temperament, so take those into consideration too.

Older dogs are already trained.

Most of the time an older dog will already be trained. They are already going to know where they are supposed to use the bathroom. A small puppy will need to be “potty trained”. One family adopted an older yorkie who would just spin around the backdoor when he needed to go outside. While Roofus came to us fully trained, we’ve been trying to teach him to ring a bell when he wants to go out. So far, no luck – I guess it IS harder to teach an older dog new tricks.

Older dogs need a forever home.

Many people immediately gravitate to the young puppies leaving the older dogs at the pound or kennel for longer time. These older adult dogs deserve a forever home where they can be loved and enjoy the comforts of a family in their later years. Adult dogs who are past the point of running around like little pups will appreciate the chance to live in an environment where they are cared for and loved.

When my friends adopted an adult dog they knew they would not have more than a few years to love their new pet, but it was worth it. The companionship that an adult dog can bring is a treasure that many people miss because they forget to consider the benefits.

Have you ever adopted an older dog? Got any stories to share? I’d love to hear!

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    WE adopted an older dog once. It was a horrible experience in that she almost killed one of our other dogs. That was our first and last time we ever adopted a dog. We have better success with puppies from a breeder.

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    All of the cats we have adopted have been adult cats, and I wouldn’t do it any other way. I would never adopt from a breeder, only rescue. So many breeders that aren’t reputable and are just glorified puppy mills :(

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    If the situation ever presented itself, I would not be against an adult dog, but my husband would flip if I mentioned that I was considering another dog…The boxer that we recently rescued, teams up with our Great Dane, and gives us a run for the money these days! :)

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    We just adopted a one year old dog. And wow does he chew everything – all the time. I think you have to go up to two years old to avoid the chewing! We love him though, chewing and all.

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    When I was a teenager, my mom adopted an older dog, which was a miniature poodle. That dog was so, so mean to me (lol) and never liked me getting anywhere near my mom, yet some poodles are known to only be attached to one person in the family. I don’t have a dog right now, but I wouldn’t mind adopting an older dog. I agree with you that they deserve a family, too.

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    These are great benefits of adopting an adult dog. I have my hands full now with my two. But in the future I would consider adopting an adult dog that needs rescuing.

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