Alcott Adventures Makes Travels with Wisconsin Doggy Safe and Fun! #dogsloveadventure

alcott textWe are coming up on our third summer with Roofus (aka Wisconsin Doggy).  One of the things we love to do with him once the weather warms up is taking him with us when we go geocaching.  We love that it combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with the fun of a hike.  Most of the places we choose allow dogs and Roofus loves tagging along and exploring along with us.

I’ve always been careful to make sure we have emergency supplies for LJ and I – his inhaler in case of an asthma attack, benadryl in case I get stung by a bee – but what about Roofus? What items should we be bringing along to keep him safe?  Alcott Adventures specializes in products that help with just that dilemma!  I was thrilled to be asked to pick out a few items from their online catalog to review.

Since many of our adventures require a car ride to get to them, I chose the car safety belt first.  One end clips onto Roofus’ collar (like a leash) and the other clips into the seat belt buckle.  It’s quick and easy to hook up and it keeps me from worrying about Roofus roaming all over the car or jumping out when we make a stop.

Roofus now rides safely secured with his own belt.

Roofus now rides safely secured with his own belt.

Next, we choose the cooling bandana.  While it’s hard to imagine now, at some point it is going to get hot again.  I am always worried that Roofus will get overheated since he is a dog and not able to verbally tell us when he is getting too warm.  The cooling bandana allows Roofus to stay cooler during our warm hikes and looks pretty stylish as well!

The cooling bandana is functional and stylish.

The cooling bandana is functional and stylish.

The last item we chose was a first aid kit.  While I always have band-aids and other items that work well for little boys, I never really knew what items I should have on hand in case Roofus was injured.  Alcott’s first aid kit is chock full of everything you might need for your pet, your kids, or even yourself in the event of an injury.  The compact style of the kit makes it perfect for a backpack or car.

first aid kit for dogs

We hope you’ll come back and read more about our adventures in the upcoming weeks!  If you are planning some adventures for yourself and your furry friend, you’ll want to be sure and enter this giveaway for a $25 Alcott Adventures giftcard!

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